Alien Golf Area 51 Driver Review

Alien Golf Area 51 Driver Review

Every golfer worth his weight in gold knows that a great driver makes all the difference in the world as far as putting power is concerned. The ball with its dimpled surface and finely manicured links are important in the equation. Yet no golf expert wants to get in such a state of anger over his performance that he begins breaking golf club after golf club in succession. So it is here that the Alien Golf Prior Generation Area: 51 Driver comes in handy since it allows the golfer to perform with flow and flair. In this Alien Golf Area 51 Driver Review we’re going to cover complete ins and outs starting from its history to its pros and cons including a final verdict at the end. Let’s dive in

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Alien Golf Area 51 Driver Review

A Brief History of Alien Golf

The brand got underway in the 90s. Since then it has come a long way. Gone are the days when it was just known for its Alien wedge. Its golf clubs are a smart choice. A golfer who is a beginner would do well to buy one in order to soup up his game. The Roswell wedge has its own center of gravity technology that allows precision forgiveness.

Super Science & Terrific Technology

There is a fact that the Alien golf club is filled with a certain space gel so that every time it hits the golf ball, force, mass, and acceleration react in the ultimate combination to give you the winning edge you need. The design is definitely space-age and high-tech. As for Alien’s Roswell wedge, it has weight distributed along its perimeter. This makes the swing speed well within the range which is a golfer’s dream.

The Alien Golf Area 51 Driver has a super-sophisticated flex graphite shaft. That means that it is the best option for the amateur golfer. There are other alternatives in the shaft that the putter may buy instead depending on his mood. Each club is a bargain and represents excellent value in return for some extra greenbacks.

Other Options in the Menu of Alien Golf Prior Generation Area: 51 Driver

Among some of the list of classy products available in this funky brand may be included:

Classic Features of Alien Golf Area 51 Driver

Buy the whole set and play without any hurry or worry. The Alien brand even has something for the kids who want to play as apprentices under their elders’ shadow. The shafts in this case have a decent weight. Junior can swing with the energy of youth and feel confident that one day in the not-too-distant future, he will fill his father’s shoes. Alien golf equipment is not only easy on the wallet but a high quality which makes it the sane choice for a middle-class executive.

The Alien Golf Prior Generation Area: 51 Driver will not remain hidden from view. It was meant to shine out in its resplendent graphite beauty of form meets function. The really swell thing about this number is that it possesses an aerodynamically designed head. This makes the head speed really go into the stratosphere. With its extra thin crown, which is mounted on the driver, the center of gravity is automatically depressed, so that the optimal ball flight, as well as forgiveness, are taken care of in an appropriate way.

Deep Design

Furthermore, this golf club has a striking satin pearl look coming to design elements. It also displays a white finish to complete the pretty picture of a space-age golf club. When you place a golf ball on the tee and use this club nothing is left to chance. You have the best of both worlds: cost-efficiency and ergonomic elegance.

pearl look coming to design elements of Alien Golf 51 Driver

The nice thing about this beautiful brand is that you can choose a pitching wedge or a sand wedge when it comes to clubs. The former is often abridged to pw while the latter is foreshortened to sw. The difference between them is that a pitching wedge hits a long shot while a sand wedge is used on the sand bunkers.

Pros & Cons of Alien Golf Prior Generation Area: 51 Driver

There are a few pros and cons to consider when selecting an alien golf prior generation area gear. 



Alien Golf is a Bountiful Brand - Is it worth your time and money to invest in this?

Alien Golf is a Bountiful Brand

A common question in the mind of a putter would be whether this extra special brand is worth spending his hard-earned dollars on. Could it be possible that much of the external razzle-dazzle this brand gives off is just media hype?

Look no further since this brand is definitely the real deal. Before we progress any further, we would like to make it clear that a rumor has spread regarding this brand. It is that it is just known for its oversized hyper titanium driver. This, we assure you, is not the case at all. The brand titled Alien is not just famous due to its Roswell driver. So many other products make up the manufacturing responsibility list of the brand.


How is the grip strength of this club?

It has a soft feel to it and is forged for professional standards.

Does the brand live up to its reputation both from the outside and the inside?

Not only does the Alien Driver have a Star Trek sort of look to it from the external view, but it also has the solid weight of science and technology to back it up.

I hope I can use it on a professional level without being accused of cheating.

Yes, these space-age clubs meet the criteria of any golf association in the country. There is nothing about them that is against the rules of the game (please refer to my previous article: the 90-degree rule).

From where can I get this driver?

So if you live in the United States and decide to head out on a sunny Sunday afternoon in July to the golf grounds this is the brand you should opt for with your eyes closed. Its built-in grooves (which are even better than the Callaway grooves) mean that you can gain access to total poise while swinging the optimal ball flight.

The good thing is that free shipping is available online for this marvelous product. That means you can order one whether you are living in the UK, Japan, or Australia for that matter. Just be sure to carefully read the privacy policy which goes along with the commercial details.

Categorical Conclusion

The Alien Golf Area 51 Driver can be used to get your game on with passion, purpose, and in a progressive manner. The range of products Alien Golf offers is the coolest and most durable of their kind. Buy these golf clubs and try your very best. You won’t be disappointed and your swing speed will reach higher levels. That is the honest and straightforward truth.

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