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Many golf lovers do not consider using a golf rangefinder to up their chances of winning at the game. I used to be one. I thought if I replaced my natural talent for putting with a golf rangefinder, things will not be the same. For one thing, golf rangefinders are expensive. Other than that, I thought they were for the pros only. But, boy, was I wrong. I had to learn the hard way that a golf rangefinder is the only way to go. If you want to judge distance and ooze tons of confidence, a rangefinder is a must.

A Golf Rangefinder Battery that Will Last Long Enough

Golf rangefinders can be found on the market easily. They cost from $200 to $300 on average. Yet the crux of the matter is to find one with rechargeable batteries. Yet this is not a possibility. Most rangefinders have two types of batteries that go into them: one is the CR2 and the other one is the CR123A. They are both lithium batteries. The CR2 battery is different from the latter. It is not only shorter in size but will not enter the slot meant for the CR123A battery. 

It is Important to Choose Good Batteries over Average Ones

It is paramount to get excellent batteries that go the distance instead of ones that give out after a few trials. The best batteries last a full season of golf play. As for the CR2 battery, it may even last for as long as a decade provided it is replaced with a new one on time. 

Bushnell CR2 Lithium Battery

About the Bushnell CR2 Lithium Battery

A Bushnell battery is a good 3 volt lithium battery. It provides a constant power source. It will work when used in a Bushnell rangefinder and not when it is used in rangefinders other than this particular one. To change and replace the battery in the device is a task in itself as you will find. 

The Bushnell CR2 Type of Battery 

While there are some other batteries that can be used in place of a CR2 type, after you remove the battery, it is best to use another one. Therefore, the brand matters, as can be seen quite clearly. To buy one, you will indeed require a couple of hundred bucks or so but once it peters out, you will have to take out the dead battery and replace it with the right one which is one which could last for many a round of golf. 

How to Use One

Rangefinders use lithium batteries. There are those by Energizer. Panasonic and Duracell ones are also commonly found on the market. If you want to use one that will last month after month, a lithium ion one would be appropriate. 

Go Ahead and Use It in the Most Appropriate Way

The battery is proof that a little goes a long way. A manual will accompany the battery thereby guiding you on the way to using it in an apt manner. If it gives out, a new CR2 is always an option. 

picture of Panasonic CR2 3.0 Volt Long Lasting Lithium Batteries

The Way to Choose and Change the Battery

Your choice of battery will depend upon how much money you have saved up. If you are poor, you will probably go for a smaller version. Batteries come in different sizes so take your pick.  

Coming to the Conclusion

So that was the tour through golf rangefinder battery types. I hope you gained valuable information regarding the batteries and their prices and the types that won’t give in after a short period of time. Until next time, take care and putt away! 

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