Best Place to Mount a Golf Simulator Projector 

Best Place to Mount a Golf Simulator Projector

The day after I bought my brand new golf simulator, I had to decide what kind of projector to buy and where to put it. The objective was to have the best quality resolution appear on the impact screen. The setup of the sim was what would determine where I would mount the projector. In the capacity of a fanatically fit golfer who just couldn’t do without the game for a single day, I knew one thing only and that was that I had to act fast or my withdrawal symptoms would simply drive me crazy. So I scoured the Net and online stores and got the necessary info to begin what would literally become a project. Want to hear my story? Read on! 

Golf Simulator Projector

The Issue of a Golf Simulator Projector Placement 

The problem regarding where to mount your projector depends on other factors which have to be settled beforehand. There is the throw ratio which is not only vital but crucial. You need to look into this mathematical conundrum before you decide what type of projector you want to purchase and where you would mount it. A short-throw projector would be placed very near the impact screen as the name says it so well. A long-throw projector, on the contrary, would be such that you would have to place the projector far away. Then there is the crux of the deal which is that is the projector to be mounted on the ceiling, floor or table for that matter? The choices are mind-boggling. But you must have to know that How do you Putt on a golf Simulator?

First Calculate the Projector Throw Ratio

Whatever the complexity, the very first step you need to take is to calculate the throw distance of the projector. This can be dealt with in a straightforward manner. If the throw ratio of the projector is say 2, than the projector will have to be placed two feet away from the impact screen per every 1 foot of image span. So what this means is simple to assess. Say that you have a screen with an 8 feet width. Well, the projector then needs to be at least 16 feet away for the best resolution. Use this basic yet effective formula to calculate your projector’s throw ratio and then you can go about your business of mounting it as you please.  

A Ceiling Mount Projector and Its Pros & Cons

So many golfers prefer a ceiling mount projector. That is because it offers excellent image resolution. The only issue if any is that mounting such throw projectors so far away from the screen and on a framework stuck to the ceiling is a difficult task in itself. Since such projectors lie behind the indoor golfer, they have to be adjusted and placed in such a manner that there are no shadows on the screen. Ideally, the position on the ceiling where they are mounted should be at least nine to ten feet high. Such a projector is a great idea and costs more too since its plus points outweigh its drawbacks. A small issue with it though is that adjusting and fine-tuning it time after time takes effort since moving the projector isn’t easy. 

Floor Mounted Projector and Its Advantages & Disadvantages

Now we come to the floor-mounted ultra-short-throw projector which is placed in front of the golfer. This comes cheaper in financial terms than a ceiling mounted one. The only problem with it is that its screen resolution isn’t as sharp or vivid as its rival. Also since it lies directly in front of the golfer, there is the risk of damage from the golf balls or clubs. Therefore, a tough protective casing is a necessity. After this step you can play your indoor golf game without any hassles. This projector isn’t as immersive as the ceiling mounted one but it is ideal for those on a shoestring budget. 

Long-Throw or Short-Throw Projector, that is the Question?

Hence, the riddle of what distance from the screen the projector setup will be will determine whether the projector is going to be a long-throw or short-throw type. The simulator room and its dimensions will have to be measured and taken into consideration before you make the decision. Of course, a long-throw projector is mounted on the ceiling or a table behind the indoor golfer. A short-throw one will lie close to the screen and you will need to place this projector on the floor. The image size will vary depending upon the distance from the screen and installation site. You can also build a DIY Golf Simulator Impact Screen.

The Perfect Golf Simulator Projector Mount

There is no such thing to be frank since each situation will have its own image to fit on the impact screen. But first you need to know the answer of question: Can you Use any Projector for a Golf Simulator? Like I said before, ceiling-mounted ones are at a distance from your screen and mounted behind you, the golfer. They offer impeccable image clarity. Lower resolution types with short throw range are the budget-friendly kind. The ultimate decision is yours alone. To clear your mind, just get knowledge on Does a Golf Simulator improve your Game?

Remember, even those which are placed on a table or cart are a great choice. However, on the whole, a ceiling-mounted one offers better, more realistic and immersive experiences for players. Make sure your sim is in a place that has enough space and doesn’t overheat in summers. Just read the write-up: How much Space do you Need for a Golf Simulator?

Beyond that I hope this information will help you find the perfect projector to mount wherever you may prefer to be it in your basement or garage. To make the right choice, just take a look at the Basement Golf Simulator Ideas. Then you can practice your swing with passion and enjoy indoor golf with elegance and effortlessness. Now, isn’t that just hunky dory!  

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