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So, you want to build a golf simulator floor before you take care of other things. These other things may include among them: a proper hitting mat, grass turf, a launch monitor setup, an impact screen and a golf ball and clubs from a golf shop. Well, to get started on this DIY quest, a handyman must measure the area.

How to Build a DIY Golf Simulator Floor that a Pro would Tip his Hat To 

To begin with, as a seasoned player of golf, you ought to do what I did. That is get hold of some measurements and then proceed to build the lattice structure from timber. After this step is over, the next option is to lay down some plywood on top of this basic flooring material. Two layers nailed on top would be just fine. Now you have many other choices. You can buy a yoga mat or two which is your best bet for a turf sub-surface. The foam of this mat will absorb any extra shock from the ball or the club. Also, another plus point about a yoga mat is that it can take hits from all directions which is a good thing indeed. 

Remember that cushioning is very crucial since the constant jarring effects of putting will test the tensile strength of the toughest and most tensile of materials. So something soft and squishy is necessary to handle the everyday grind this surface is up against. While gym flooring is not a bad choice, it does tend to be a little too thick. Thus the putting spot gets prominent thanks to gym flooring. Beach towels do furnish material for the floor but they are not very shock resistant. Yet they will do when there is no other option in sight. To mimic the Astro-Turf on top, a carpet is the ideal material. Start training on this right from the beginning to get a feel for the home simulator. 

Thoughts on the Proper Surface for this Purpose

A gym mat, a foam roll, a beach towel, or a cushion material that will absorb the jarring shocks easily. There are surfaces that you can do without such as concrete, brickwork, or tiles. That is because they will ruin both your clubs and the ball.  

Many an Option for the Right Surface

Remember, that there is a huge difference between what works outdoors from what works in an indoor environment. The platform you will get to use has to be even and no bumps ought to mar its surface area.

a ball on the top of a hitting mat and the hitting mat is on the simulator floor

The Quality of the Putting Green Material

With every strike you make on the putting turf, the whole material gets shaken to its core (take a look at my: How do you Putt on a Golf Simulator). The artificial material you install beneath your mat has to not only interlock with the mat but absorb the shocks of each swing with precision.

Equipment for the Putting Green Material

You ought to save some money and buy premium quality foam and mat material. However, not every person can bear the expense of the best material.

A Word About the Golf Mat: DIY or Custom Made

If you make a DIY golf simulator flooring and mat, the credit will automatically go to you alone due to the fact that you spent a significant amount of time and energy creating it. However, if you pay a certain fee and buy a custom made one, then please note that it may be excellent but your input will have been very little except for the money you shelled out from your bulging wallet. 

The Golf Mat with its Height & Effect on the Golf Club

The amount of bounce the golf mat registers is very important. That is simply because if your golf simulator is part of a business and you generate lots of traffic at your club, the wear and tear will show after some time.  

Custom Made or DIY

If it is custom made, good for you. And if it is DIY that too ought to be a source of pride for you. Those who are on a shoestring budget ought to prefer the DIY decision for better or for worse.  

Your DIY Product and the Launch Monitor

If it is a business you have started, you will need to use training aids to help the amateurs who frequent your indoor golf club (start with Indoor Golf Simulator Business). In the beginning, only 3 people may visit your golf center. Yet such is the beauty of the x factor that within a year or two, provided you play your cards right, the visitors may exceed 300 which is a swell thing indeed.


Q. How do I get my golf mat to stay in place?

A. The best solutions for this problem include: using double-sided adhesive tape to attach the mat to the underlying wooden surface, coating a superglue between the two surfaces, or using rubber strips that have a raised surface to prevent slippage. 

Q. Can you put a golf mat on concrete?

A. It is possible in the case of the Urethane Backed Golf Mat which is composed of a special material that can withstand the extra hard and super solid consistency of concrete. 

Q. Will hitting off a mat damage my golf clubs?

A. The mats will not only damage your iron golf clubs but may even lead to serious wrist and arm injuries and complications. So keep mats at arm’s length.

Q. How many hours a day do golfers practice?

A. Well, as far as amateurs are concerned, anything from 3 to 4 hours a day a few times a week is normal fare. Yet for the pros, it could go up to 6 hours daily 6 days a week.  

DIY Simulator Flooring to Die for…

After you have built or bought your simulator flooring and decided to play on it, the next step is to supplement it with real life forays into the outer world (peruse my: Does a Golf Simulator Improve your Game). A trip or two in the right season on the golf links would pay off in the form of staying connected with reality.

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