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a golf cart with a front cargo bearing basket

When I think of golf cart baskets, the obvious image that comes to mind is the game of golf with all its accessories. But did you know that golf cart baskets are also used for all sorts of other activities? (for best portable disc golf baskets see my article on another type of golf basket beside the cart basket). Like when I go to a supermarket and am storing fruits and veggies into my golf cart. What comes in handy? Of course, you guessed right! A golf cart basket. So remember, it has several functions outside of just the game of golf. 

Types of Golf Cart Baskets

There are several types and they all have various sorts of golf cart dimensions. There is no standard version. So here goes: 

Fixed Baskets 

They consist of a built-in storage device that is a part and parcel of the golf cart. What this means is that they are fixed and will not budge from their place. You cannot change their dimensions by an inch or a foot since they come ready made with the golf cart. 

Removable Baskets 

As the name suggests, they can be put in place using wrench and pliers and can be dissembled at the drop of a hat. If you are going to use your golf cart for a certain purpose where you need no extra stuff on it, then remove this basket from the golf cart. If on the contrary, you need it to shop at the store and need to fill the basket with a ton of goods, then by all means add it to the golf cart firmly and securely.  

Fixed Basket
a golf cart with a front accessory basket
Front Accessory Baskets
rare seat basket kit for cart
Rear Seat Kits

Rear Seat Kits

Nowadays you might notice that golf carts are everywhere. You don’t just find them on the golf course. You will find them on the streets, in shopping centers and grocery stores. For this a rear seat cart kit is necessary whereby you can install two seats alongside the original two seats. This way more people can ride in comfort in your golf cart.

Front Accessory Baskets

The front accessory basket can be easily fixed to your golf cart. It comes in handy for any extra stuff you might need to put right in front of you. 

Overhead Storage Baskets 

This overhead tray of sorts could be used as extra space for golf clubs and golf balls. It could also hold any folded material or files that need to be transported.  

a golf cart having over head storage basket
Overhead Storage Baskets 
golf cart basket dimensions

Average Golf Cart Dimensions 


Usually, the width of your average golf cart basket is approximately 18.12 inches. While it could vary a little, this is the standard width and it has been approved as a patent after a lot of afterthoughts. 

Average Depth for a Golf Cart Fit

The depth amounts to 10,25 inches. Again this is the nearly perfect dimension and it is the most suitable from a common sense point of view.

Standard Size Height 

How high should a golf cart be? The standard size amounts to 17.56 inches high. More or less than this would not be very practical or feasible.

Basket Weight for a Golf Cart Trailer Truck

The total weight capacity of a golf cart basket can be 200 pounds. This could increase to 800 pounds for four people or even 1500 pounds for those seating six people. The more the weight, the sturdier and more spacious it ought to be. 

Factors Affecting Basket Size

Golf Cart Dimensions and Model

There are so many types of golf carts. Yet each model will be known by three things: serial number, model code, and year code. The dimensions of a two-seater will obviously be different from a four-seater.

The Purpose of the Golf Car Basket

Whether the basket is supposed to carry clubs and balls (see my ray cook putter review) or fruits and vegetables, upon this fundamental basic fact will be dependent on the size and dimensions of the basket. 

Personal Preferences

Some will want standard size baskets for average everyday goods. Others may prefer instead a truck or trailer size basket with their golf carts to hold everything under the sun. It all ultimately comes down to personal choice. Average golf cart dimensions are linked up with standard parking space dimensions.

a blue coloured golf cart with black colour front cargo basket

Benefits of Choosing the Right Golf Cart Basket

Convenience to Transport 

What golf cart basket has a one on one fit with one situation will not have the same fit with another situation. In fact, it will be mismatched in the other situation making it a case of SNAFU (Situation Normal Absolutely Fouled Up). So be careful and look to your convenience instead of any rules or regulations. 


When purchasing a golf cart basket fit for your main purpose, it is necessary to see what sort of things you may want to store in it. Their heaviness or lightness will determine the sort of golf cart fit for you as personal property. 

Safety for Pickup Truck

The length, width, and depth will underscore the safety standards of your golf cart basket. If it is the size of a pickup truck, the brand of your golf cart will dictate how many feet long and how many feet wide the basket ought to be. 


Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. The minimum or maximum of any large difference in dimensions will depend on your own sense of relativity and proportion. 

How to Choose the Right Golf Cart Basket

Analyzing your Needs

An electric cart requires a parking space. So the right decision about purchasing a golf cart basket depends upon the right dimensions with the correct trailer in mind. See what you require and act accordingly. 

Considering Basket Features

The more features your basket has the more wonders when transporting your cart you will get to observe. That is a promise.  With a round of golf, the features will be entirely different from a shopping spree. 

Seeking Professional Assistance

If you are still unsure after all the information here,  you might want to get some professional advice and assistance. 


No one can fit a size six foot in a size three shoe. So consider your comfort zone and act with care. The rest of the details will take care of themselves. 

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