How do you putt on a golf simulator? (Tips & Tricks)

putting on golf simulator

There is one thing I must admit as a golfer. I love summers! The feel of a golf club between my hands as I putt away a golf ball on the golf links is just too good to be merely described and can’t be explained away in a few sentences, 

The fact of the matter is some things go beyond words. 

Yet there is the winter season when it snows and the outside temperatures are freezing. This is somewhat of a letdown. It just spoils the sport for so many. If ever there was a time it is winter when I most miss the enjoyable experience of executing shot after shot on the links. 

I have found a way out of this conundrum. And what would that be?

In simple words, it is called a golf simulator. 

Yes, you heard right.

A golf simulator would come in handy in such a situation. You can get the vicarious pleasure of the real game within the vicinity of your very own home environment. A simulator allows you to putt away without a worry in the world to your heart’s content. The weather be damned! You can get a feel for the pleasurable experience of simulated golf in any confined space be it your garage, your living room or even your closet. 

How do you putt on a golf simulator

What are the Differences between the Four Ways to Putt on a Simulator?

While a golf simulator isn’t the same as the putting green, it comes close enough to the real deal. There are basically four ways to putt on a golf simulator and each method has its plus points and flaws: 

    1. With the Golf Simulator Putting Sensors Turned On

While this technique has a lot going for it since it allows practice on variegated ground levels, it also has the disadvantage of being hard to manage and not being perfect in its achievement of the target. Furthermore, it requires a thorough learning curve as far as the simulator functions are concerned.

    2. Using the Separate Putting Green

In this special case, you can have additional putting experience at home by using a separate putting green and manually set the number of strokes that you will take to complete a hole. The golfer have absolute freedom to use the simulator and its functions as you may please alongside a sharpening of your own skills via the simulator. The only difference is that the putting green never changes its landscape or terrain which can be a boring trial if ever there was one. 

     3. Auto Putt from a Distance

In the third method, the golf simulator picks a specific distance, usually 5 or 6 feet away from pin. After that the simulator gives you credit for a number of putts in this distance. This way speeds up the putting and gives more time to focus on launch angle of shots. The one mistake that this scenario makes is that it leaves no chances for practice and progress in scoring of any kind. 

      4. Auto Putt

This method is an enhancement of the third method where the distance is increased to add all the putts and these will be recorded automatically as one putt, two putt, three putt in relation to the distance of the ball from the pin. This auto putt technique speeds up your game and gives you more time to focus on longer shorts. But it is not good for your putting practice.

Now here you have all these methods of putting on the simulator where you may do what you like with remarkable freedom. And it will help you improve your short game. Yet the putting cannot advance beyond a particular niche and you can only stay stuck in a rut all the time. 

What is Golf Simulator Putting All About?

We all know that for a round of golf on the open grass, we need everything from a golf ball to a golfer and holes in the ground. So while the best golf simulator cannot come close to the actuality of the situation, it does mimic and copy it so closely as to not be a bad experience to play golf at all.

All a putter need is a golf simulator setup in the form of a projector and hitting mat where you can do your stuff. The tracking camera that you will implant close to your putting area will take note of the velocity, wind speed, pressure and angle of swing that you make with the golf club. 

If you’re interested in finding the perfect hitting mat for your golf simulator setup, consider reading our golf hitting mat review, your time will worth it.

Will there Be any Differences that I Will Notice to Putt on a Simulator and Reality?

Indeed, there are differences in case of a putt simulator. To putt on a simulator means a whole new ball game of sorts and it feels like a constant contrast to reality. Yet with some foresight you can gain quite some attitude adjustment to this experience. 

It is not hard to do at all. 

The fact of the matter is that putting works just as well on a home golf simulator as it does on the golf tee. Actual golf is reality with all its loose ends. The indoor golf simulator is a much more protected and sheltered version of the real chaos found on the golf links. You can improve your putting on the simulator system within an entire winter season with ease and facility. 

How do You Putt on a Simulator?

It’s a cinch and a piece of cake. Just open the package it comes in and set up the projector, camera and mat. The sensors if you use them are rather sensitive to movements of any kind. You have to remember that. The arc your ball takes is noted down by the electronic equipment. 

A small light will shine on the spot where the golf ball has to be placed. Put it there where it belongs and start playing the game. The device will lend you a synopsis of the way you play from your swing speed to the parabola the golf ball is supposed to take with each hit of the golf club. If you find yourself getting annoyed with the results keep the fact in mind that it needs a little getting used to. You are not closely observing the data the device is putting before you and so that is the reason behind your chagrin. 

Calculation of the distance to the hole and the power with which you have to hit the ball are two factors that require careful repetition and practice. Since this simulator is all about mimicry, you have to take extra measures such as the level of a slope on the green. Yet despite the differences, ultimately you will become attenuated to the simulator and enjoy playing the game within the cozy confines of your home. 

Tips to Putt on a Golf Simulator 

How putting works on a golf simulator is different from how its works in a real round of golf. There are a few tips and tricks that will come in handy to hit the putt on golf simulator screen. While real golf on a golf course has its own stresses and messes, putting skills with the whole works on a golf simulator is slightly different. Yet you can definitely get the hang of it if you just practice on a putting mat and learn more about golf. 

You will need to track your putting metrics. In contrast to an actual putting green, you will have to put up with additional putting green indoors or outdoors in case of a home simulator. Having a putting green at home means that you can use the sensors to monitor each shot in an accurate manner. Hit the put and go on to the next round of golf with the assurance that each swing is recorded with fidelity by the screen and mat not to mention the infrared cameras. 

The golf hole can be made up so as to aid the game since the simulator will pick up this information in a jiffy. You will need some space to improve your game. A garage or basement is fine. So is outdoor or indoor space provided it is not too cramped. You will have to get used to the screen that can accurately predict a ball that carries 300 yards. If you hit with force and the balls went the estimated distance you are right on target. 

Ultimately your game has to be in top form. Also the golf ball will be marked and its movements will be detected by the sensor. This simulator can accurately measure a ball coming off a putter. It also can determine how the total putts tally in the end. While you can use a net, a screen, mat and software are better options. Thoroughly get used to this novel and modern form of playing golf. 

The thing is to keep the target in mind. Also how you line up the ball and club matters in the final analysis. The gimme range can be whatever remains inside of 6 feet. Basically, foresight fsx 2020 software is employed in this case. As for those who prefer auto putting, you have to hit it to 8 feet. You also need to enjoy the game and have fun playing it since winning is not everything. 

Where do I Get the Best Golf Simulator with Launch Monitor?

Visit the sites online and explore Amazon as well as a host of other commercial domains to make a survey of golf simulators that are worthy of their name. To buy a cheap product may be a fool’s errand since it will have built-in obsolescence as a fundamental part of its makeup. Go for the real thing and stand tall as you putt within the four corners of your home sweet home. There are many things you will learn from the instruction manual that accompanies the golf simulator you will buy or order online. 

Think of the Benefits of using a Golf Simulator

So you have bought and set up your golf simulator. The next step is to just enjoy the good game of golf. With each putt you will be taking a step closer to perfection. Yet one important thing to remember is that perfection is a goal and a process and not a final destination. Pretty soon you will have made the grade as a bona fide golfer. 

Signing Off

Like a video game (a flight simulator comes to mind) the golf simulator will hone your ability to the nth degree, You will thus be a winner this winter!

And you can say that again. 

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