How much space do you need for a golf simulator?

frame dimension of a indoor golf simulator

Like me, if you have a need for a golf simulator, remember that how much space you need is critical. You will have to literally measure out the dimensions and make sure there is enough room for the golf sim. You can shift your golf simulator to a garage, basement, or attic if you like. This extra space can consist of a spare room, wherever you happen to find it. But you don’t want the space to be cramped. As for the dimensions, they can range from 4:3 to 16:10 to 16:9. In case you have a small space to set up a golf sim, your room ought to be 10 feet wide and 10 feet in length and 8.5 feet in height.

You have to be careful about the golf club you use since you don’t want it to hit the side walls when you swing it. A 12 feet long is ideal for you to comfortably swing a club and thus hit the impact screen (see my: How do you Putt on a Golf Simulator). The minimum height you need for your simulator would be another matter though.   

Importance of Selecting Space for a Golf Simulator

You will need to take care of the space that suits you. While there are many who can cope with a small amount of space, others will feel suffocated and require more space behind them and in front of them, and also towards the sides. Determine your comfort zone since it is the watchword. As far as the rooms that are ideal for the golf sim they could consist of an office or a bedroom. Also, a basement or garage could serve the purpose well (check out: Basement Golf Simulator Ideas). 9 feet by 10 feet of vertical space is the best deal for a golf simulator.

The area needed for a golf simulator

The dimensions should speak for themselves. They should allow you to practice your game in comfort and leisure. 

Basic Space Requirements You Need for a Golf Simulator

Coming to the space requirements, here are the basics that you should keep in mind while selecting room for your simulator.

1. Know the Golf Simulator Room Size You Need

It all depends upon the golf player and the odds and ends of the game. A room of the dimensions such as 14 feet by 18 feet by 9 feet is ideal for players. The dimensions could be fit into a smaller version of the original anytime. We should keep that in mind. 

2. Test If there is Enough Space for Full Swing

Ultimately you will have to putt away and determine whether the golf club hits any object or obstacle. If it does then please make room for your game. You don’t want to knock down a vase or hit the overhead fan in any way. 

3. Understand the Ceiling Height and Other Space Requirements for Your Equipment

Get a good grip on the various measurements. This way your equipment will fit the space very neatly and no hassles will arise along the way. 

Factors that Affect Golf Simulator Room Space Requirements

There are a number of factors that you have to keep in mind while selecting space for your bay. Following are some major factors that affect the space requirements.

1- Type of equipment used

It could be Skytrak. Or it could be Uneekor EYE. Finally, it could also be MEVO. Whatever the type of equipment that you use, there is always a certain space that is ideal for it. You will find this out by practicing in the space with this equipment. After all, the taste of the pudding lies in the eating, as they say, 

2- Size of the screen/monitor

The correct screen size for a golf sim would be one of 16:9 ratio. This would allow a high definition image to be shown without any blurring or static. There are the room dimensions to consider. Then there is the buffer space which has to be brought into the equation. Beyond that, the actual screen size and aspect ratio are the stuff that you will need to take care of. 

3- What Shape of Room Do You Need

The room could come in all shapes and sizes. The only thing which is necessary and that you must be careful about is that the dimensions must be spacious. You want elbow room in your golf sim room. That is the ultimate thing you must wholeheartedly look forward to making possible.  


4- Room Dimensions for a Golf Simulator

While selecting a room for your simulator, you first need to measure its dimensions. The room height should be 9 to 10 feet. Also keep in mind that 8.5 feet is the extreme you can go to. Any less than this cramped height and you risk breaking things. The golf clubs shouldn’t strike the ceiling on every swing. When you swing a golf club it should smoothly move through the space. 

Room Width

It should be 10 to 12 feet. The limit is 15 feet beyond which it would be foolhardy. 

Impact of Room Width on Equipment

The swing your driver makes ought not hit the side walls of the sim room. If you need a room bigger than the usual one so be it but you ought to have plenty of space to strike the ball on the golf hitting mat and strike the screen. 

average 12 to 15 ft width indicating in an scale

Room Length

13 feet of length is the best and where you hit the sweet spot. 

Impact of Room Length on Equipment

How many feet you are away from the impact screen determines the passion with which you will play the good game. You will have enough space to swing and hit the center of the screen of your simulator system. Whether it is a small simulator or a perfect golf simulator, you will know that you have the right amount of spaciousness when you practice day and night on the simulator. 

5- Location of the Simulator (Indoor/Outdoor)

While indoor golf is in no way meant to be a replacement for outdoor golf, like a flight simulator, it helps many golfers sharpen their skills via the simulator experience ( see the article: Does a Golf Simulator Improve your Game? ). Of course, an indoor setup consists of a small golf simulator whereas an outdoor one means different space requirements. The big, bad world of outside golf is filled with jerks and pitfalls. So greater care has to be shown outside. People are also more careful in the great outdoors since they are putting up quite an act in front of so many others. 

6- Any Specific Space Requirements for Furniture or Other Accessories

Yes, there is always room for extra stuff in your golf sim room. First of all, the best thing you can put in it is a series of mirrors. That is if you want a golf experience that is worth it.

Also, seats (at least 3) for people to lounge about on the sidelines are a must. There should be a table or two alongside the seats for placing snacks and beverages. 

Finally, a few hidden cameras will not only aid you in security matters if your golf sim is in a shed but also help capture the details for later revision. 

How much Space do you Need for a Golf Simulator, based on the Type and Size of Equipment Used

A small golf simulator will take up about 200 square feet while a large one will take up approximately 500 square feet. The instruction guide of your simulator will tell you about what sort of space you will need. 

Tips for Optimizing Space for a Golf Simulator Setup in Your Home or Office

Following are some useful tips that will help you optimize space in the best possible way while setting up golf simulator in your home or office.

  • An attached bathroom with a complete shower and basin and commode is ideal for your sports buddies. 
  • Also, a sort of sofa-cum-bed is the best deal when it comes to pulling an all-night shift. Your pals can sleep into the wee hours of the morning.
  • The space and location are both very important and crucial as well. The width of the room should be at least enough to allow you to comfortably swing your golf club.
  • Take your longest golf club and see if you have enough room to comfortably swing it in a wide arc. Once you are sure you have enough room, you are good to go. 
  • One thing about golf simulators is how much depth you need to practice comfortably. This too requires measurements and pre-planning. A smaller room will mean a small simulator space with the golf launch monitor nestled somewhere within this setup. 

FAQ about Golf Simulator Room Size

1. What should be the minimum height of the ceiling for a golf simulator?

A ceiling having a height of 10 feet is ideal. While 9 feet is okay too, it is best to err on the side of a greater height. So 10 feet is ideal for a golf simulator. 

2. How much space is needed for SkyTrak home golf simulator?

A SkyTrak golf sim will require dimensions measuring 10 feet by 10 feet. The room for a golf simulator of this build will be greater than Trackman. 

3. How much space does a Trackman indoor golf simulator need?

8 feet by 10 feet is the best for a Trakman golf sim. The golf simulator build determines the sort of dimensions and these are just right for the Trakman golf sim. 

indicating distance from simulator to golf hitting mat

Conclusion: How to Measure the Space Needed to Fit a Golf Simulator

You have to keep in mind all the steps, described above, while selecting best fit space for your simulator. But for your ease, below is a short summary of space requirements.

A. Summary of Golf Simulator Space Requirements

Firstly, to cap off, you will need an enclosure. Then you will need a projector for using the simulator (whatever brand it happens to be). The room for the simulator must be spacious, to begin with. Only then the simulator will work in an appropriate manner. Investment in a golf simulator means that you will need proper space for a simulator. There are those who create a golf simulator from scratch and then search for room or space for it to fit into. The home golf simulator setup might need other accessories if you are a serious golf fan. You also need enough money for a golf simulator. 

Ultimately, the ideal golf simulator room dimensions depend upon you, the user. While limits are there, the question of what height does a golf simulator require must be answered by you alone in the final analysis. You can take help from a guide but the decision is yours alone. The fact that you need enough space to swing your driver means that space is of the essence. However, if the indoor room is not big enough, you might have to take your game outside in your lawn or in your garage. This is better than no simulator being there to play golf on. If shorter simulator space is possible then you will need a short throw projector. The kinds of equipment you will use in your golf simulator means you need to plan a budget of sorts.  

1- Room Measurements for an Indoor Golf Simulation Area

A golf simulator in your home will need resources and spaces that are enough for a golf simulator. You want your simulator to be the envy of your near and dear ones. So the way to go about this is to simply make sure that you are prepared and go about planning everything with extra care and caution. You will succeed at it, I am sure.

left and right handed golfer playing without any obstacle in a indoor golf simulator

2- Outdoor Simulator Setup

An outdoor setup will require hidden cameras so that there is no burglary. Nowadays, the conditions of the economy mean that crime rates are up by several notches. So you need to be vigilant and arrange for security or at least some degree of surveillance.  

B. Benefits of having an office or home golf simulator

No matter rain or sleet or snow, you can practice on an office or home golf simulator all year round. The weather simply does not matter since in summer there will be portable ACs and fans and in winter there will be heaters and insulation. You literally get the best of both worlds via your indoor golf sim. If your setup will need the hitting net then so be it. You don’t want stuff breaking now? Do you? 

If the sim is in your very own home then you have a double advantage. You can practice 24/7. This is such a big blessing. You can further tweak the space surrounding the golf sim by customizing it. Add or subtract a few items and you are good to go. This sort of indoor golf space is ideal for newbies. They can learn the basics before they head out into the free and dangerous world of golf that exists in the great outdoors. 

Before We Part…

The costs of the simulators and furthermore the accessories will determine the overall budget you will need to keep ready for this interest of yours. If you later on plan to expand the home setup into a virtual business that will earn you millions of dollars with time and patience, then you will need even more good old horse sense in matters of dollars and cents (take a look at: Indoor Golf Simulator Business). You will need to be thrifty and save up a nest egg in the beginning at least. Remember, later on you can spend as much as you like. But at the start, you will need to be a bit prudent about your cash flow. The sort of marketing and advertising campaigns you design will also determine the success of your business. Ultimately the indoor golf sim business will take space as the very stuff you will be renting out or buying for that matter. If you play your cards right it could all dovetail in the end in a beautiful way and earn you an entry in the rich men’s club. Yet if you are not careful you could lose it all in a series of failures. So as the saying goes, you have to feed the machine right. Only by intensive hard work will your space pay off in the end. 

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