A Guide on How to Start your Very Own Indoor Golf Simulator Business


You can become a millionaire in a matter of a few years. Yes, my friend,  you heard that right. It is indeed possible to earn a lucrative and tidy amount of a million dollars from your indoor golf center. You don’t necessarily need to buy a whole golf course to accomplish this task. Imagine having every amateur golfer within driving distance from your facility coming and playing on an hourly basis at your indoor golf club. Wouldn’t that be just hunky-dory? You can bet your booty on that one! 

Now don’t get me wrong. You cannot do all this without lifting a finger from your laptop. Yet it doesn’t require an abstruse business model or plan either. If you own an indoor golf simulator that can simulate reality in a one-to-one manner you’re good to go. The rest is just a series of footnotes to this very fundamental and basic step. With this single source of steady income, you can then begin to search for a space where you can later on add more simulators and invite golf enthusiasts to play on a per hour basis.

Before starting your own business, it is necessary to learn about the basics of golf rules. So you must need to know about the answers of some commonly asked questions asked by users such as: How do you Putt on a Golf Simulator? , Does a Golf Simulator Improve My Game? and The 90-Degree Rule in Golf.

So are you ready to give it a shot? Well, if the answer is in the affirmative, let’s see what you’ve got! 

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Benefits of Starting an Indoor Golf Business

There are several benefits to starting your own indoor golf business. For one thing, it is very profitable. Then there are other plus points. Here are five for starters: 

  1. Your clientele will come to your setup to practice golf and chill out all the months of the year. This is because in winters you will have heating arrangements and in summers you will have portable air conditioners.
  2. The sort of golf simulators you install in your setup are an excellent source of improving their game for golfers. So they will be coming to your studio in flocks and droves. 
  3. Your customers will get a lucky chance or two of practicing their game of golf on some of the most up-for-grabs golf courses in the world such as Pebble Beach. If this is not an incentive, I don’t know what is!
  4. Many a customer who frequents your business will be on the lookout for the latest golf simulator technology. This dream of his will be fulfilled so he will end up a happy man. 
  5. Finally, there are certain companies such as Golfzon that can up your chances of improving your business and taking its quality up by several notches.  

On the whole you can earn enough steady cash from your indoor golf business. You can charge per hour or per session of golf. Also by serving drinks and snacks round the clock, you will increase the attraction of your setup. There are other methods of yielding greater profits that we will go into later on. 

Steps for Opening an Indoor Golf Business

You have to first make a proper business plan to make your golf simulator business profitable. In accordance with your budget, you have to do marketplace analysis and cost analysis. You also need to analyze your potential customer and types of promotional methods. Following are the main steps that you will need to follow while opening an indoor golf facility:

Why Location is Important for Indoor Golf Facilities

First off we come to location which is the most important marker in the profitability equation. A side corner of an avenue is the best possible location since people can conveniently make a stopover and enjoy a round of golf (at their expense of course). The location ought to have plenty of space in case you decide to expand your business in the future. Also, it would be ideal if the location is near a country club. The avid golfers who arrive ought not take more than a 20 minutes journey from their homes to your business setup. If the driving distance is more than this, it can prove irritating to a customer. 

How Much it Costs to Start an Indoor Golf Simulator Business

A high quality golf simulator can cost between $30,000 and $75,000. There are even some extreme high quality versions that go up to a hundred grand. However, keep in mind that an entry level simulator will only cost about $2500 to $3000.

As for the mid-range golf simulators, they will cost you about $5000-$15000. But you only need $10,000 to buy a Uneekor QED simulator or a SkyTark simulator with largest screen/enclosure and Mevo+ or QED packages. Those of higher quality will cost you above $15,000. The greater the technology that goes into the machine, the heftier the price tag. It is as simple as that. 

From the right golf mat to the fixed simulator time for each putter, it is the little things that matter. To setup a bay, you need following basic components:

  • Simulator Launch Monitor
  • Projector
  • Golf Simulator Impact Screen 
  • Golf Hitting Mat
  • Golf Simulator Software
  • Computer

Check out our review on Champkey Golf Mat while choosing hitting mats for your simulators. To lessen your simulator buying cost, you can also read our DIY blogs on simulator impact screen and flooring.

Your business size will also determine the costs you will incur. 

  • If you have a small size business it will be $50,000 to $250,000.
  • A medium sized business will cost anywhere from $350,000 to $700,000.
  • As for a large business, it will amount to greater than $750,000 or even a million dollars which is a lot. 

AnalyzingPotential Customers for Profitability

You will need to consider the census and demographics of your city where your business is located. Through this survey of sorts you will finally come to know the sort of customers who lie within the range of your business. Whether they are middle class or ultra rich, this will determine whom you cater to. But remember one thing, everyone is out for some fun. If you want to attract some customers, you will have to keep the chill out factor in mind. Nobody is interested in statistics alone. People want to have a good time as well. So arrange for dim lights, a large stock of snacks and beverages, and cool atmosphere where anyone would feel at home. Then watch the dollars roll in from the pockets of your clientele into your cash register. 

Creating a Successful Marketing Plan

A winning advertising and marketing campaign takes several key points in its domain. One of these is online outreach to a niche market. This could be via email or Facebook. Also you can ride on the coattails of the other golf businesses in your area. You can have pay per click ads on Google and Bing as well. The most famous ways of Online marketing these days include:

  • Email Marketing
  • Content Marketing (TikTok, Facebook and YouTube videos, Instagram Reels etc.)
  • Social Media Marketing (Yelp ads, Google, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram ads, Paid promotional videos by SM Influencers)
  • Gift Cards for Black Friday and The Holidays

While for Offline marketing, you can distribute flyers and also set up a billboard or hoarding. There is word of mouth which serves this purpose very well too. Ultimately, if you manage to please your regular customers, your commercial golf indoor business will flourish. 

how to start a indoor golf simulator business

Tips & Tricks to Start an Indoor Golf Business

Here I would like to lend you a couple of pointers that will make your simulator bay business profitable: 

  1. Food and drink ought to be available 24/7 alongside your golf simulator software. Your membership depends upon this amenity, I assure you.
  2. Add some good old games as a side job so that it is not just about local golf but entertainment as well. 
  3. You can include tournaments as the business progresses. This will bring in an element of healthy competition into your business. Add four simulators or more and hook up with other locality setups and your customers will thank you for the eager sense of outdoing each other. 
  4.  You can arrange for birthday bashes and bachelor parties at your venue. This will serve as an additional source of extra income. 
  5. You can always hire a golf pro to inspire and give lessons to your amateur customers. They will improve in how they play golf and your indoor facility will gain a reputation for turning out seasoned players.
  6.  You basically need to stimulate the client’s senses so that he or she keeps coming back to your commercial golf simulators. He or she must become willing to pay for the amenities and facilities you provide him or her from the golf mat to the simulator time period. 
  7. By making opening day full of pomp and show, you will reap the dividends and be well on your way to a successful indoor golf business. Never make an excuse such as that you don’t have time for such things. It’s precisely little things like this which add up to a lot.  
  8. Keep track of the progress and expansion you will make with the passage of time. This way opening a golf simulator business will serve its proper purpose. One fine day in the future, you may even make it to being a renowned name in the golf industry. A quality golf business that is both entertaining and high-end is all you really need. 

The Pros and Cons of Starting a Golf Simulator Business


  1. Reap the profits since they will be coming your way in no time.
  2. Your business could expand and flourish till it is famous in the area. 
  3. You and your clientele could benefit from the physical work required to play golf. 
  4. The offers and prizes you have in store for the clientele could have them returning again and again. 
  5. A business means you are independent and don’t have to follow orders from any big boss. 
  6. If you are passionate about golf, well, this is your chance to polish up your game through your entrepreneurial venture. 
  7. You will always get that dopamine high from the indoor business. It will an adventure in excitement and thrills. 
  8. No matter whether the winter months are raging outside, you can get creative and provide indoor heating at your venue and thus the clientele will be satisfied. 


  1. Sometimes the venue can become a spot where the customers get in each other’s way.
  2. The grooming of your staff matters since if they are not up to the mark, no customers will want to come to your facility. 
  3. No matter how much money you make, you will have to pay your taxes since you wouldn’t want to end up in jail. 
  4. The upkeep of your business or many businesses will take a lot of money so you will have to be patient and remember that delayed gratification pays off in the end. 

Overcoming Challenges with Running an Indoor Golf Facility

While the average entrepreneur will find his business to be not only profitable but enjoyable, this will take some teething troubles before it becomes a reality. The problem is that with the pandemic still at full swing, we need to practice social distancing and wear masks. You will need plenty of space in your setup. Also, a bar or restaurant at your premises will need to be hygienic. The shipment of your simulators and other odds and ends of equipment will take time seeing the troubled times we live in. It may appear to be a headache since both the time consuming efforts required and the expenses of the equipment will challenge anyone with the will power to attempt this venture. But in the end though the roots are bitter, the fruits are sweet. 

There are many challenges along the way. For one thing people get a little finicky when operating a golf simulator. You as a businessman will have to allow multiple people the opportunity of finding the right sort of simulator to putt away. If the clientele is not used to your indoor setup, this could cause problems along the way. A successful facility will have the customers looking forward to each session with eagerness and passionate drive.

a boy playing on a golf simulator with his mates
Image: Golfzongolf

Strategies to Make Money With Golf Simulators

You can charge money according to a plan. This could be per round or on an hourly basis. While the grand opening will make you a bundle, it is the customers walking into your premises which will determine future profits. Even half hourly increments of time given to the clients could prove workable provided you know how to deal with the load. So, the most famous ways to earn money from your simulator business are

  • Pay per Hour
  • Pay per Player
  • Pay per Round 

services for using the bay. Pay per hour is actually a very famous deal that most users choose for playing. Also you can charge for 9 holes or 18 holes depending upon the appetite of your customers. You can also earn money by 

  • Charging Special Rates for multiple users
  • Charging for Food and Drinks

Since your facility will be open 24/7, golfers can easily finish their round and have time to finish their meals alongside the drinks at the bar. So all you really need is to get some course simulation equipment and find a location to install it. Then hire someone to offer lessons as well and the game improvement will lead to great value being the watchword of your business. 

Hence, it is now clear that the indoor golf revenue depends upon the following key factors:

  • Pricing model for commercial indoor golf
  • Number of customers visiting your facility
  • Number of golf simulators in your indoor facility
  • Golf memberships 
  • Rental Rate for using a bay 
  • Offer golf lessons
  • Variety of food and beverages


Are indoor golf businesses profitable?

Yes, you can make a lot of profit from your golf simulator business, if you do it the right way. For making money, you can read our strategies described above.

Ho much money does a golf simulator business make?

It mostly depends upon your rates for using a bay in relation to the number of rounds being played. Usually, simulator rate for an hour is $30-$35. Also a recent research shows that you can earn a minimum of $12 per customer from  your sports bar tab. Just keep in mind the key factors that we describe above for generating tons of money from your indoor golf business.

How much money does it cost to start a golf simulator business?

It depends on your business size. Whereas a single golf simulator may cost as little as $2500, the space and accessories for a business may go up by as much as $35,000 to $75,000. So proceed with wisdom and care since you don’t want all your money to go down the drain.

How to setup an indoor golf simulator business?

There are 5 basic steps to setup an indoor simulator business. 

  • Get the best location
  • Buy golf simulators
  • Analyze target audience
  • Apply Successful Marketing Plan
  • Money Making Strategies

But for detailed information on each step, just read our above guide to start your own business.


So there you have the basic information about starting your own indoor golf simulator business. You can keep it steady if you don’t want to take any risks. But if you seriously consider expanding it, by all means follow the steps given in the write-up above and reap the revolution in cash flow. 

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