Ideas For The Ultimate Golf Simulator In Your Basement

Ideas For The Ultimate Golf Simulator In Your Basement

A golf simulator package arrived by mail at my doorstep. Little did I know that this was just the first step in my playing indoor golf with passion and panache. After some research, I began to understand that there were several other things to consider beyond home delivery. For one thing, I was puzzled about where to install this simulator setup, so I started brainstorming basement golf simulator ideas.

Would it be in my basement? Or the attic which was full of toys collecting dust? Or for that matter an unused garage that had plenty of space in it?  

Well, after much forethought, I finally decided that, since the launch monitor was humongous, a higher ceiling would be a prerequisite. So the basement would be whether by hook or by crook. Yet there was more to it than that (go see my: DIY Golf Simulator Impact Screen). Reality ran up my spine when I learned that a basement golf simulator not only needed space and an ambiance, it also required a whole lot of other things such as a bar, seating, a fridge stocked with cold drinks and snacks as well as many other odds and ends of equipment.

Thus began my journey of trying to make sure that the setup for every swing an at-home golfer like me would need to include not only other considerations but the likes and dislikes of my pals as well. After all, as the Beatles put it so well in their famous song “I get by with a little help from my friends”.  And there is nothing to surpass the “feel good” factor as a game of golf with my male buddies. It is truly male bonding at its best!

How Much Basement Space Does a Golf Simulator Need?

an image showing how much basement space does a golf simulator need

But first I had to truly clear out the basement which was lying fallow. After all, I had to set up a projector, enclosure, and mat in it besides so many other paraphernalia. ( Learn how much space do you need for a golf simulator ) I also had to hire some professional labor in order to make the room dimensions match the golf simulator in their spaciousness. I came upon the perfect dimensions which were 10 ft x 10 ft x 10 ft. This covered width, height, and depth. Yet these figures are by no means the golden mean. You can rearrange them to suit your tastes. 

So, in the capacity of a brave and intrepid golfer, I launched on my quest for the ultimate basement golf simulator which could afford me hours of golfing fun with my Alpha Male chums. I have got to tell you, although it was a lot of sweat work, in the end, all that extra effort paid off and the credit goes to the Internet where I got all the information as well as postmodern industrial civilization without which the technology and leisure time would just not have been there to begin with. 

With that in mind, I am going to lend you access to some tools of the trade I employed to get a virtual home golf simulator setup that was absolutely priceless in the fun and happiness it lent me and my friends. All you basically need is some cash and plenty of desire and passion to play golf. Amateur or pro, winning or losing, neither matters. It’s all in how you play the game. Enjoy each second as you put away on the artificial turf in the cozy interior decor of your basement.

Are you ready to rumble?

I bet you are and so am I!

A Basement Golf Simulator That Is The Best Bargain

There are countless basement golf simulators out there in the hypermarket. You will find all sorts of high and fancy names such as SkyTrak and Uneekor. Now, here is what I want to tell you. Don’t be in an awful hurry to buy one. Scan and peruse the various brands online and only after comparing their specs and stats, make the sure and solid decision to make a purchase. The quality of simulation that a monitor offers as well as the various accompaniments that go with it matter in the end. 

After a careful and scrupulous survey, I came up with the following super six simulators with which you will be able to play in your basement with relish. Here they are:

1. Uneekor QED: This is simply the greatest and that is due to the many salient qualities it possesses. It is a remarkable piece of equipment that comes at a nominal price tag. The acuity of the QED is very sharp and pinpointed. It includes a screen, projector, enclosure, ceiling mount, turf, net, mats, and balls. The software is impeccable and the dimensions are 9 ft x 12 ft x 18 ft. 

2. SkyTrak Home Series: It possesses superb quality and can withstand some of the most devastating ball flights that would damage the impact screen of any other brand. Costing a cool $5000, it has a net as an accompaniment. You can play with your friends online and this critter weighs so little yet is tough in its tensile strength. 

3. SkyTrak SwingBay: A fine addition to an airy basement, it has a five-star rating. A mat, projector, ceiling mount, enclosure not to mention net, and ball tray are included in the package. The ideal width for this baby is 12 feet. Its sophisticated software can be easily installed on a personal computer.

4. Foresight Sports GCQuad Flex Space: Having the coolest camera I have ever seen, it also has a movable monitor which is a swell thing indeed. Believe it or not, this one is used by many pros on the PGA circuit. Among the details in this ensemble are: a cable, adapter, alignment clubs, projector, and software license. 

5. FlightScope Mevo Plus PerfectBay: This is the ideal basement simulator for the man on a shoestring budget. It costs just a few thousand dollars. Suitable for iOS, it has an enclosure, turf, and floor mount among its pieces of equipment. So many people who don’t have a lot to splurge on their favorite home simulator find that they are happy with this high-tech masterpiece. 

6. Uneekor EYE XO SwingBay: Firstly, let me tell you that the EYE XO costs more than the alternative by Uneekor. But if it is a good simulator system you want that not only looks good but functions just as well, this is the technological contraption of your dreams. Precisely aligned, it can control your putting very perfectly, I assure you (peruse my article: How do you Putt on a Golf Simulator). The rest of the stuff included in the package is pretty much the same as the others on this list. 

The Very Best Pick For A Pro Basement Golf Simulator

a golfer playing golf on a simulator

If you happen to be a billionaire like Donald Trump (or Bill Gates) then you can afford a golf simulator like TrackMan. It will cost you an arm and a leg since the price tag may reach a maximum of $100,000. But for the middle-class denizens among us, they ought to revisit the previous entree of six simulators. 

Pros and Cons Of A Golf Simulator In The Basement

Ever since I installed a golf simulator in my basement the only thing I can say with any surety is that I have been a happy man. It is almost as if all my dreams have been fulfilled. I hang out and chill with my sidekicks as we take turns playing golf in my basement. All we have to do is stand on the target line in the hitting area and show each other what we got in terms of golf expertise. It is a source of healthy competition, and there are no hard feelings at the end of each round.  

Yet I want to warn you that there are a few downsides to this arrangement as well. Only paradise is perfect, and the world we inhabit is like a rose that unfortunately has its thorn. There are dimensions that could cause a great many discomforts. Also, the electric equipment can cause a few snags along the way. Last but not least there is the temperature which is not always ideal despite a thermostat. This in itself could cause water to collect in nooks and crannies and mildew and mold to attack this personal space down under. 

Pros of a Basement Simulator

  1. Don’t forget whether it’s a basement or a garage; you don’t need much money to set it up. 
  2. The room width will ensure that no ball hits the walls, and besides, there is a net to catch any stray shot. 
  3. Don’t worry about any noise disturbance to your family since lagging and pads can be used to make the sounds of putting minimal. 
  4.  A basement has columns that come in handy in hanging the net. 
  5. For gaming purposes, you will obviously need to hang some light bulbs or tube lights, yet the nuisance of glare will be next to nothing.   
  6. This artistic addition to your home could increase its resale value by many thousands of dollars. A new home with a golf simulator in its basement for practice sessions is the ultimate sports facility an eager buyer could want. 
  7. So many options are available for decorating and redecorating your golf den at home. From a feature room to seats and a refrigerator, you can beautify the basement so that you can invite guests over any time you like. 

Cons of a Basement Golf Setup

  1. Regarding the golf simulator room dimensions, the ceiling height is the most troublesome. 10 feet high is ideal in many ways but higher than this could prove to be a source of chagrin.
  2. Then there is the width which you don’t want to mess up. Since each swing requires minimum space this too ought to be 15 ft wide. 
  3. As for the depth, it should also be 15 ft high. 
  4. Humidity and mold attacking corners and chinks mean that a dehumidifier and market chemical treatment are a must if it’s the basement you want to preserve for your golf game. 
  5. The basement space may not contain the required wiring for everything from photometric high-speed cameras to a hitting screen monitor or cable cord.

Price Range of a Basement Golf Simulator

an image showing golf ball, usd currency and a golf driver to relate the section title how much does a golf simulator cost

The price range will vary from laughable all the way to a price where you will want to scream “daylight robbery”. 

Cash Spent on a Golf Simulator in the Basement of Your Home

It could be anywhere from $1500 to $35,000 depending on how cheap or costly you decide to opt for in the state of affairs. A launch monitor could cost $500 or thrice that amount. The software could $100 or ten times that rate. A mat and a net could come for $100 bucks each or a grand to two grand each for that matter.  

How Much it Takes to Renovate a Basement

An image showing usd currency to relate the title how much it Takes to Renovate a Basement

Coming to the dosh, you will spend on renovations and redoing the whole work, well, it could cost zero in greenbacks if you do it on your own without labor costs. Yet if you do get some help, the price range can go up to $10,000. All I can ultimately say is choose wisely since either way, the law of compensation holds true. 

Other Options such as Buying a Second Hand Golf Simulator

You can easily get a used golf simulator on eBay or Craigslist. Go on any one of these sites and explore the options. It may take a while but you will come up with one that suits you just fine. Make the selection and pay an amount that is peanuts in return for a radar-based simulator.

Setting Up a Golf Simulator

To set up the golf simulator in your basement, a man’s got to do what a man’s got to do.

Roll up your sleeves, put on some elbow grease, get the hardware out, and start working on the perfect haven for a golf fan that money can buy. 

The Basics of Basement Golf Sim

If you want your basement to keep the golf simulator in, then you will have to seriously apply all the measures to make it the ideal space for your carbon footprint (which won’t be much, we can guarantee this much).

The space behind and inside your basement will need to be radically changed. Overhead lights and the space requirements for the golf simulator must be fine-tuned so as to meet the standards.

You won’t need to learn any rocket science, I promise. What you’ll need is good old common sense and a mind for building things out of scratch.

The area where you will be playing golf in your basement has to be retractable. In other words, it ought to be easily constructed and deconstructed in a matter of a few moments.

Your entertainment space must be hassle-free. You must ensure that no barrier will get in the way of you and your sports buddies when game-play time starts.

Also, take into consideration whether your friends are left-handed or right-handed since the setup must be in accordance with this particular idiosyncrasy. 

What it All Actually Boils Down To Dimensions! Dimensions! Dimensions!

The space measurements of your basement are crucial since your comfort zone depends on them whether you like it or not.

The ceiling should under no circumstances be 8 feet in height. A height of 9 feet or 10 feet is just dandy though. Remember that lefties require more width than their right-handed counterparts.

The room size should be 10 ft x 15 ft x 15 ft in height, width, and depth, respectively. Other than that, it is all a matter of making room and fitting in the amenities as you deem appropriate in the long haul. 

Congratulations On Your Very Own Basement Golf Simulator 

Well, here is all the information you need for a basement golf simulator. With a high degree of confidence, you can make that full swing while you stand a few feet behind the tee with the golf ball perched upon it. Rest assured in the knowledge that this is real technology and not some rogue carbon copy made in a sweatshop. You finally have the passion to enjoy golf in your very own fashion. Installing the basement golf simulator is hard work that pays off in the end. Even if things are not perfect, it is not the end of the world since you can always make room for a clearance sale after a few years and use the money to buy another basement golf simulator with a 15ft width, depth, and height.

And Hey! You can once again play away!

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