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If you’re the kind of man whose wife and kids are pretty upset about every swing of the club you make in your home golf simulator, then you are not alone. You are in good company since many other families are sick and tired of the constant noise and irritating activity of the menfolk who putt away without a care in the world. I was one of those hen-pecked husbands till the day I decided to do something about it. And here is what I did. Read on to find out. 

Putting your Golf Simulator in an Outer Shed

While a garage is an option too when it comes to shifting a simulator setup alongside a projector, a shed is the best choice since it is located at a reasonable distance from the home territory. There will be no disturbance to your loved ones thanks to the fact that the shed is located far off from your home sweet home. When you think of it, it may just be the ideal alternative to getting on the nerves of your extended family due to your love of the good game of golf. 

The Practicality of a Golf Shed of Your Own

With every hit and shot you make, you will thank me for lending you this idea. But this not the end. The Alpha Male Den of sorts you construct or buy will need a lot of things to make it feasible. To start off, there is the issue of asking for permission from the local authorities for your indoor golf shed located in your backyard. This is standard procedure since the rules may be absent in one place and apply in another one that lies just a small distance away from it. So be careful and do not treat this hurdle frivolously by taking rules to be for fools. You don’t want to end up behind bars over such a petty issue as the size of the shed. 

Assessing the Golf Simulator Shed Size for Basics

To start off, you will need to calculate the ceiling height and width/length of your outer shed. That is because you don’t want each golf swing you take interfering with the physical barriers in the form of the eaves and side walls. Everything must be measured and decided upon from the beginning. If you want a comfortable shed with enough room for your golf balls to safely strike and bounce back from the sides and ceiling then the first thing to determine is the width. This could be 10 feet or even 12 feet. The height, if it is 15 feet or more, lends plenty of space to the inner dimensions of the shed. As for the length, it could range from 24 feet to an even lengthier distance since it is like a tunnel for playing golf with joy.   

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The DIY Route for a Shed

The sort of driver and relevant objects of golf you use depends upon the type of golfer you are. A seasoned pro or a newbie amateur will require different parameters. Likewise, the origins of your shed could go the evolutionary or package route. You may be able to get away with an enclosure that you made all by yourself from materials you bought and assembled.

Taking the Extra Price into Consideration

This “from scratch approach” unfortunately may cost more than you thought it will. That is because you may not have all the tools for constructing the golf simulator setup in your shed. ( Get some ideas about the basement golf simulator ) Creating extra space and dealing with the small details may be a migraine in the making. The costs of the tools and the ten thousand other odds and ends may cause plenty of cash to escape your nest egg, So make sure you can comfortably and ideally construct your dream shed instead of later on regretting the decision due to it all leaving you in the state of a penniless pauper. If you have a lot of money in store, by all means splurge on your custom-made DIY golf simulator shed. But if you are on a shoestring budget, then please consider going the kit path and buying one instead. While the former may cost as much as $30,000, the latter may only take $5000. 

The Other Option: Buying a Shed for Golf

When you buy a golf shed, it will have dual benefits. For one thing, it won’t have many chances of having errors in its construction. The other plus point will be the price relief already mentioned in the previous paragraph. For those who build a shed, a lot of other stuff needs to be looked to. Every plug for lighting and heating needs to be focused on. Come rain or shine, whether you will be able to play golf in peace and quiet will be another bone of contention. While it will be your very own personalized golf studio of sorts, the price will be scary for those who don’t have a lot of money to begin with. 

A Golf Simulator in a Shed that Comes Ready-Made

You can use your shed for whatever purpose you want. This is similar to a garage or basement being used for either a car or for a golf simulator screen and launch monitor setup. The choice will be purely yours. An outbuilding can even be used as an entertainment source with a bar with iced drinks and a refrigerator well-stocked with delicious snacks for your golf buddies. It all depends upon the internal dimensions of your shed. You can easily calculate it knowing how much space is required for a golf simulator and other stuff. You will need plenty of insulation in the form of foam pads and rolls to ensure that the golf balls you swing a driver at don’t damage anything in the shed. The walls and ceiling will be protected from any stray golf balls. Even if there is any chance of a ball hitting the ceiling, no damage will occur thanks to the insulation. So remember the pet rule. Those who are wealthy, and want a simulator, build from scratch. But those who are strapped for cash may like to buy a kit instead.   

A Couple of Common FAQs about the Shed

Q. What is the easiest size of shed to build for a golf enthusiast?

A. Basically, a 12 inches by 24 inches shed is the standard version. It can serve as a storehouse for plenty of golf-related stuff. From the necessary equipment to accessories, everything can fit into this wide open space. 

Q. Is it cheaper to buy a shed or build one yourself? or Is it cheaper to buy a shed or build one yourself? or Is it cheaper to build shed or Kit?

A. It’s a paradox, but buying a brand new shed can cost less in the long haul. The real reason is that the complex tools needed to build one can cost lots of dollars. While labor rates and installation may also add up in this financial game, it hardly compares to constructing a golf shed from ground zero. 

Golf Shed Maintenance 

Yes, you could get away with building a golf shed and even construct it literally from the ground up. It will take the iron will of a hands-on Alpha Male to determine how many feet wide and long and high it ought to be. The taste of the effort of course lies in the making. But that is not all since next comes the upkeep of your golf shed.  

Your Choice for a Perfect Launch Monitor

Skytrak is the ideal launch monitor you would want in your shed. That is because it suits a shed no matter what the size with perfection. You will need to determine the hitting area depending on the size of the extra room you have in the form of a shed. A shed would need to accommodate a lot of stuff. If you’re still not satisfied after the completion of your shed, you’d be a wise man to take everything from the cold weather outside to brightness and enough light inside into your list of vital statistics

Concerning the Lighting & Heating

You wouldn’t want your shed to catch on fire. That would be a disaster in the making. So think seriously about the electricity needs. In hot summers, a portable AC would be ideal. If this doubles as a heater then this dual purpose contraption could come in handy during winters. Always take into account the outside weather year round. It will influence every cable, wire, socket, electrical appliance, sensors behind the screen (check out: DIY Golf Simulator Impact Screen) or the hitting bay for that matter. So never forget, while your residential area could serve as a golf simulator setup, a shed will be the best buy or DIY since it takes your family’s peace of mind into consideration. 

A 32 square foot shed may be worth it and so may a very large one. It all depends upon your budget. You also know that your shed will need power supplies. But you don’t need to turn on every appliance in your shed at one and the same time. That might cause a short circuit or overload leading to a fire hazard. The best sheds allow comfortable functioning with beautiful design. For those who don’t want accidents to occur in the future, we would recommend hiring an electrician. He will make sure you have enough safety standards in your shed so that any Wifi or electronic device like Mevo doesn’t malfunction in the long term. Also, the overhead lights ought not to cause any glare on the screen.

So are you up to the challenge? 

I thought you would be!

Give it a go…

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