Is an Indoor Golf Simulator worth the Investment?

Is an Indoor Golf Simulator worth the Investment?

As a golfer who cannot do without making room to play golf, I must make a confession. And that is that I just had to purchase an indoor golf simulator in the end. While my budget was tight and I had to make a few minor tweaks and adjustments in the pieces of equipment I bought for the basic simulator, the result was that I was a happy man and my wife and kids too enjoyed playing the game. Golf simulators are worth it. I for one cannot do without my simulator which is set up in my residential basement. It is a handy electronic marvel that helps me improve my golf score and golf simulators also allows me to play no matter what the climate outside in the big bad world of storms and hurricanes. So to get down to the nitty-gritty stuff, read on regarding whether a golf simulator is really worth the money or not. 

Indoor Golf Simulator

Keep your Budget in Mind for Simulator Golf

For those on a shoestring budget, a golf simulator may not really be the best investment. That is because these simulator golf VR machines cost a ton of money. They begin at the cheapest at a couple of grand and go up into the stratosphere of financial burdens with tens of thousands of dollars worth of cash that you will have to part with in order to get your hands on a simulator. A golf simulator that is a bit expensive will have a guarantee and last a longer time than a cheap version. In fact, it may continue to function for a decade or more without any hitches or glitches. As you swing the golf club and work your way up to being a pro, remember that you can always save up over a couple of months to a year or two for a standard golf simulator. Once you buy one, the only issue you will have to deal with is the maintenance of the golf simulator which just has to do with cleaning and polishing the parts. 

Benefits of a Golf Simulator

Some of the main benefits of using a golf simulator are:

1. Golf Simulators Improve Your Game

One of the biggest advantages to buying a golf simulator is that you can improve your golf game on some of the best golf courses on the face of the planet. While personally going to Pebble Beach and paying the fees there to play a round is an expensive deal, playing on the same course in virtual reality form on a simulator is a much cheaper affair. I am not saying that the computerized stuff is equal to the real thing, but at least it is as close as it gets, And just think about it.

2. You Get to Play on Any Golf Course in the World

Golf simulators allow you to play the game of golf on over 10,000 virtual versions of golf courses from around the four corners of the Global Village. You get to save up a thousand dollars per 18 holes course on the simulator which you would have had to pay up in a greater quantity on a real life golf links. You just need to know that How do you Putt on a Golf Simulator?

3. Golf Simulators Worth Your Money if You Play your Cards Right 

You can definitely save up a bit if the golf simulator you plan to buy is out of your financial reach. By forgoing some of the equipment and starting from scratch regarding a few of the parts, you can save up on cash. The enclosure can be made at home from odds and ends of equipment gathered from a hardware store. The same goes for the hitting mat and the safety net. The turf that you employ on the flooring can be glued on to it using adhesives and layers of materials bought from the local handyman shop. A few things you will have to buy in whole form though, since they cannot be manufactured at home. These include a projector and a launch monitor not to mention a tablet or laptop. As for the software, that too must be bought since it is too complex. The radar and photometric equipment that are part and parcel of the golf simulator, track the golf balls via emanating microwaves and high-speed photos. 

4. Improve your Game beyond Belief like a Pro Golfer

Now, here we come to the gist of the argument in favor of buying a golf simulator. You can take your game up into the heights by putting on a home simulator. For more info, you can take a look at the article: Does a Golf Simulator Improve your Game?

The biggest benefits of a golf simulator are that they help lower your score. Those who score in their hundreds, nineties and eighties can definitely improve their game by scads. Golf simulators improve your game. Period!

5. Golfers Use Simulators for Best Golf Practice

Golfers use simulators and the real life golf courses in equal measure to enhance their golf practice. While golf simulators are more convenient, you may not want to get too dependent upon them. Playing on the actual golf links has its own set of benefits. Even the best golf simulators cannot match reality since the fresh air, sunshine and smell of freshly manicured grass on the course are just priceless. However, simulators are definitely addictive and you can get so used to putting on them that a time will come when you will refuse to part with your indoor golf simulator. Therefore, game improvement remains the strong suit of many simulators for amateur and professional players alike. 

6. Relax and Enjoy having Fun with Family & Friends

If you take your kids along with you on a golf course, they may lose interest in the game after a short while. This is the nature of children who get bored with things and look for fresh avenues of entertainment. So the fees you paid for entry to the golf course would have gone to waste. However, with a golf simulator setup installed in front of an impact screen, even the kids can strike the ball when they want and choose to forgo playing without you losing any extra cash. A typical golf game is slightly cumbersome but playing on a simulator is so interesting and thrilling that nothing can beat it. Invite your wife, kids and other relatives such as grandparents to hit balls with you on the simulator. The more the merrier! 

7. Putt Away and Swing without a Care for the External Conditions

The weather is the biggest impediment when you need to improve your swing in the real-world. There could be rain, snow, hail and sleet anytime anywhere with the climate going topsy-turvy nowadays thanks to global warming and carbon dioxide emissions. At such times, you realize what a valuable asset a simulator is. Indoor in the comfort of their homes, golfers who want to hone their game can enjoy a VR version in AC coolness in summers and in toasty warmth in winters. What more do you need to help improve your game?

While the Initial Cost may be Steep the Future Rewards are Many

Yes, I agree, the price you will have to pay at the beginning is a great thing to do since it means a big dent in your wallet. But the fact of the matter is that the odds come out even in the end. This electronic high tech baby that you will be buying with your cash earned through sweat, blood and tears will serve you through the years. Why, you could even start a business of your own via a high-end simulator provided you do the advertising and marketing in a clever manner. To learn more, have a gander at this Indoor Golf Simulator Business. There are so many hassles in the outside world that so many prefer cocooning. So the best option for them would be to practice advanced golf indoors at a club with a relatively cheap fee. Just take care to provide every avid golfer that enters your basement or business some sofas to sit on and cold beer to drink. Here are some Basement Golf Simulator Ideas for you.

Golf player playing golf indoors on golf simulator

So Should you Finally Take the Plunge & Buy a Golf Simulator

If I were you, I’d take the chance. Such opportunities don’t come often. With the worldwide economic recession looming ahead, owning a simulator can help golfers avoid green fees and hit some golf shots with passion and gusto. Go ahead and buy one! What do you have to lose!  

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