Kirkland Signature 3 piece Golf Ball Review 2023

Kirkland Signature 3 piece golf ball review
Kirkland Signature golf ball review

In this Kirkland Signature 3 piece golf ball review, We will discuss the customer reviews, price, brand value, and golf feature this model with main functions and other common factors.

If you’re playing or working on your golf skill on a regular basis, you will appreciate how essential a good quality golf ball is. If you are presently hacking into the golf playing, then a good quality golf ball will have you considering secure on the golf course.

Most of the cases, you need to go to walk into the golf course with quite a few numbers of golf balls. You better confirm to get the best models that work correctly for you.

A golf ball is intended to be long-lasting and durable with the intention that the golfers can make use of their playing skills throughout the competitive competitions.

There’re lots of excellent quality of golf balls that are used for different proficiencies, levels of play, and material types.

Some golf balls provide a soft feel, and these models will present more quickness and control. There’s also a three-piece construction ball to manage the spin with long irons latently get better the precision for a few kinds of golf players.

It is a demanding and challenging task for you to confine which golf ball type better for your skill. To provide a general review of Kirkland signature three piece golf ball, we analyzed different golf ball features and uniqueness. Let’s have a look at the specifications of this model.

Kirkland Signature 3 piece Golf Ball Review

Kirkland Signature 3 piece golf ball review

Product Specifications of Kirkland Signature 3 Piece Golf Ball

Brand Name Kirkland Signature
Product Price New and Used from $26.40 + $6.49 Shipping
Total Pack 2 Dozen (Twenty Four Balls in total)
Color Options White
Product Weight  3.07 pounds
Product Rating 4.6 out of 5 stars
Shipping Weight 3.1 pounds
Cover Material Soft Urethane
Production Country Made in China
Ball Trajectory 338-dimple pattern
Level of Recommendation Highly recommended

Main Features and Benefits of Kirkland Signature 3 Piece Golf Ball

At this time, the most popular and offered edition of this golf ball brand is the 3-Piece golf ball. In the beginning, it was projected as a type of return after the authorized issue. Nonetheless, the golf ball is a hit on top, and as a result, it attaches around, and complete Costco stops thinking about the failure with the four-Piece golf ball. The design was aimed at the standard golfer who looks for a proper spin on the golf course.

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After researching extensively, we have been surprised due to the technology and new resources used to make this golf ball. Believe it or not, we not at all have the idea that a golf company might formulate such an original ball for their customers.

This high-featured golf ball is advertised as fitting for equally the fun and real golf gameplay, just because of its trustworthy structure.

At the same time, as lots of loyal golf players who guaranteed by the barely credible quality of four-piece golf ball expected Costco’s duplication with an optimistic opinion, some other players who were not very friendly as a result of the reality that these three-piece balls were omitted “somewhat.” On the other hand, let’s not put out of your mind that these golf balls include a special price matched up to any other golf ball brands.

These golf balls present average spin capacities, falling reasonably small at the back of the Tour golf ball features. Yet, the model offers an outstanding quick to respond, putting feel in company with remarkable control something like the greens still to pay to the long-lasting so far pliable urethane cover. The layer with the urethane cover to improve the golf ball spin for your shots.

The urethane core is maneuvered with very much flexible and elastic rubber, which permits for speed. However, the urethane cover puts up with a 338-dimple outline distributing a stabbing and steady golf ball arch.

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If you are an average or bogey golf player who is rummaging around for a perfect ball to perk up the shot precision from off golf tee, also assist you to increase the control on the golf course, this model may perhaps be a just what the doctor ordered fit.

The ability to afford is an additional demanding feature of this model, getting worth for your money to a completely new stage. What is more, they’re produced in conformation is USGA as well as R&A rules.

An additional issue that might create or split the golf shot is the spin of your golf ball. How your golf ball performs when floating in the air may wonderfully be the variation between a game of sparkling ending golf shot and sending an investigative panel into the forest.

In the beginning, stability was, without doubt, the just “actual” disadvantage while it came around the structure of this Kirkland Signature golf ball. It was not automatically underprivileged or whatever thing; it merely was not somewhat on a similar stage as several further renowned golf brands were. All over again, if you are talking about these 3-piece balls, the cover is finished of urethane rubber that’s reasonably even or perhaps excessively flat. This feature intended you finish up observing scuffs, scrapes, or maybe a little crack after a few rounds of playing golf. Specified the excellent deal price point, most of the golf players did not mind in any way.

One final thing we like about this ball is the noticeable seam in a similar position on every ball concerning the brand logo, as we always love to line this model up.

Pros and Cons of Kirkland Signature 3 Piece Golf Ball


  • This model is durable and long-lasting.
  • High-quality golf balls matched up to the other popular golf brands.
  • The product price is not too expensive that every golfer can afford. 
  • The distance is genuinely exceptional!
  • Internal parts have been finished with high technology and proper usability. 
  • Provide a perfect bounce and stability.
  • One of the best golf balls mostly available for the control lovers.
  • A set of first-class golf balls with the best quality.
  • It is designed for both novice and expert golf players.
  • Product delivered in time precisely as promoted at the feature projected.


  • The customer care service is not up to the mark.
  • You will struggle with the anytime availability of the golf balls.
  • Sometimes you will notice slight performance lacking if you are an expert golfer.
  • Most of the reviewers complain about the discoloration of the Urethane cover.
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Let’s See a Video Review about Kirkland Signature

[youtube v=”RfFaM38VsO4″ lazyload=”yes”]

Final Verdict

This three-piece ball is a win-win situation in each phase. It’s not just reasonably priced, but the golf ball model also presents outstanding features. If you’re an expert golf player, this model is the best choice for you. Otherwise, at least you do not require a great deal of technology; it is excellent to try to find further products. As a result, ensure you test out whether this golf ball is able to complete the requirements or not.

All things considered, our attempts in this Kirkland Signature 3 piece golf ball review is to give the essential data for you for making the correct verdict. Give this model a try at this time, or comment us any query you’re still doubting! We would like to support you as long as we can!

If you wanna explore more about other golfing equipment like drivers, putters or other golf clubs, Feel free to go throughout reviews where we explain in detail about those products with their pros and cons honestly.

Have a nice golfing time!

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