Ray Cook Putter Review – With Best Alternatives

Ray Cook Putter Review

I never met Ray Cook on a personal level. Yet I do have enough worldly wisdom to be aware of the fact that this gentleman was an expert in his field in the Swinging Sixties. As an engineer, he possessed absolute acumen and superior skills. Besides being a poignant putter on the field, who made the golf balls go ping, he was enthusiastic about his inventions as well. He built the blueprints for an aluminum putter in his Zeitgeist. It has withstood the test of time.

I recently decided to buy the Ray Cook putter and now whenever I putt, I am reminded of this genius and polymath’s contribution to golf. Thanks to his invention, I feel such exquisite satisfaction whenever I employ the product that bears his name today. I gaze in wonderment and amazement at this Ray Cook golf silver ray SR 500 putter. What we take for granted today was something he had to work hard to bring into existence from scratch. The series of premium putters Ray Cook lent us as his brainchild are a godsend for the average golfer.

Ray Cook Putter Review – A Precise Product

The Ray Cook golf silver ray SR500 putter happens to be a novel item in the online market. It is not a one-hit-wonder though since it combines the qualities of a great putter for a great price. This putter has been in use since the 60s in various professional tours throughout the Global Village. A high-tech mallet goes along with a shaft that is the epitome of refined design. The really excellent thing about this is that it is a good putter that comes at a reasonable rate. 

The head cover is dark in its hue and as I slid my hand over the head cover’s edge, there was no metallic resistance. Later on, I came upon a white sample as well. The basic difference between the silver ray and the gold ray is that the former has an oversized grip. The commercial zone is full of fakes and counterfeits. In such a world of subterfuge, the Ray Cook putter is such a pleasant surprise. Whether I want to have fun in the sun or am seriously planning to improve my golf score, a new putter of such high quality is truly a blessing.

Further Features and Benefits

  • Weighted wedge that makes the putter head hit the gravity groove.
  • Crafted from the strongest alloys, this baby is stable and durable.
  • The midsize grip has a soft feel allowing for comfortable handling.
  • Even distribution and great balance in the device were a source of extreme putting satisfaction to a novice like me.

As I held a Silver Ray putter in my hands, naturally I felt the good fit it produced in my even grip. Putting with this product of passion was a piece of cake. I have often imagined a betterment in my consistency in the golf game. This is finally possible thanks to the Silver Ray putter.

All a person has to do is head out into the waves of cyberspace and frequent Amazon among other sites. This product is available on the domain.

Pros and Cons of Ray Cook Golf Silver Ray SR500 Putter


  • A mallet putter with a striking black finish, it bears an uncanny resemblance to the Taylor Spider. However, it costs much less than the Spider.
  • This object of my desire also had a consistent role to it.
  • The pigments it comes in (scarlet, jade, and cream) are favorite choices among golfers.
  • The midsize grip makes each strike beautiful and swift.
  • As a beginner, I enjoyed the price value of this putter. I also am aware of high handicappers who would find this putter a cinch to operate.


  • The huge size of the mallet head may be a source of frustration.
  • Its shaft angle takes some elbow grease to get in running order.
  • A minuscule number of customers returned to this club for a refund. It is a very tiny minority when you come to think of it.

Alternatives in the Same Genre

Ray Cook Golf Blue Goose Putter

The crisp and cool design is intermixed with the flashiest technology. There are lines that have been carved in the head for greater sensitivity in hitting the ball. Consistency and forgiveness are foolproof. The aquamarine blue color, makes the putter head a one-of-a-kind consumer item.


  • It has a pretty reasonable price. In other words, it doesn’t cost a lot of money.
  • The good feel of the golf stick as it makes contact with the ball is unmatched by other putters.
  • The blade look is on the other side of the spectrum from the heavier mallet.
  • I felt a great affinity for this product when I used it on the links.


  • While the blue hue of the head is attractive to many people, I know that it is not a personal preference for many.

Ray Cook Golf Tunnel Vision ArcFace Putter

I found the alignment of its design to be perfectly balanced between too much and too little on the golf club scale. It furthermore allows for the ball to be in the line of your sight which makes the game easier and more enjoyable to play. An arc is present on the face of the product and the inertia moment is maximized thanks to its ergonomic design. It is purpose-built for right-handed players. As for the head cover, it suits the club to the last detail.


  • There is always a chance of bettering the game and this one let me do just that. Fast putting and moving in a curve both became possible as I used this standard length putter with a unique design.
  • The price range is such that it seems too good to be true. I thanked my lucky stars that it didn’t in the least bit cause a dent in my wallet. The Ray Cook brand is a beacon of hope for the budget-conscious golfer.
  • The crimson color makes it very memorable. I still have its after-image in my mind’s eye.


  • A pain in the neck for leftie golfers.

A Few More Putters for the Road as Alternatives of Ray Cook SR500 Putter

There are still some other brands in this range.

Golf Ladies Billy Baroo

A Golf Ladies Billy Baroo is meant for the fair sex. It has a good feel to it and is an excellent choice for the feminine. The vibration it gives off is minimal. Silver, purple and black in its colors, this limited edition is a lady’s best friend. 

Silver Ray SR800 Putter

A Silver Ray SR800 Putter is the favorite option for so many golfers. With each putting stroke I made, I realized that I was not the last putter to try this product. The best putters utilize this one on a consistent basis. I enjoyed the game on the practice green with this continuation in the series of silver ray putters.

An Odyssey Stroke Lab Putter or a Spider Taylor Made Putter are other choices. Yet when I come to think of it, why would I want to waste so much money on alternatives when I can just buy a Ray Cook brand and get the same benefits? While the slightly lightweight feel and tin can consistency may be a bit off-putting, I wouldn’t expect a Scotty Cameron for the same amount of cold hard cash. 


Q. Is Ray Cook a good putter?

A. One A-1 putter, it is top-notch stuff that has earned rave reviews. Only one or two people disliked it and that too on the basis of personal idiosyncrasies. It definitely has everything going for it.

Q. Where are Ray Cook putters made?

A. Ray Cook began his putter manufacturing operations in San Antonio, Texas. His ingenuity and sheer genius led to such originality and quality that PGA Tour players all began buying his putters. Later on after a decade or so, he sold his company to his steady pal and sidekick, Bob Olson. After nine years, Bob resold the company to someone else. Today the Ray Cook brand is world famous for its putters which are simply the best stuff that money can buy.

Last Thoughts on these Pitch-Perfect Putters

I have by now tested so many Ray Cook putters that I must say I am spoilt for choice. Yet as a golfer that does not just think but feel the game, I admit that with a little horse sense, it is possible to decide whether blade putters or heavy head sticks are my things. The forgiveness angle on the shafts is good enough to feel great. With a comfortable grip when you hit the ball with the club, nothing beats that euphoric feeling.

Coming back full circle to where I started off from, the Silver Ray SR500 putter has everything going for it. There are other alternatives in the SR series but nothing compares to the SR500. If you are in the United States, you can easily buy one. However, if you live elsewhere, you can order one online. The package you will receive in the mail will have a loft that is three inches in its dimensions. It will also have a double-bend full-shaft offset. As for the head weight, it will be 360 grams which is just hunky dory. I especially noticed the key difference being the better accuracy of the product once I got my hands around its shaft. While its paint finish tends to flake off with time, in such an amount you cannot get a better bargain.

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