S7K Putter Reviews [Should You Buy S7K?]

SK7 Putter Reviews

In golf, you may be able to manage without buying a number of irons and woods. However, you cannot really manage to play the game without a putter. Well, sure you can but it will not keep you in the best possible situation. In this SK7 Putter Review article, we are going to explore a weapon that may keep you in the best possible situation.

The putter is the club you use on the green to roll the ball. You should already know, even if you are just a beginner that ball is rolled on the green rather than flown. And, a putter is the best choice for it.

There are many putters available out there and you will find one included in all sets. However, the ones included in the sets are not that great. That is why you may be looking for a putter that improves your short game.

The S7K putters are quite famous and may be worth the money to you. In actuality, your playing style and your physique will determine if this putter is right for you. But, the S7K putter reviews will tell you everything that this putter does to give you the best service in what it can control.

sk7 putter reviews

S7K Putter Reviews: The Features

What does the S7K putter have that will make it a consideration on your potential putter list? A lot of things! Let’s get to know them.

A putter that stands

When you are playing golf, you have to keep the club in your hands, on the ground or in the bag if you are doing something else. It is because of the shape of the clubhead. However, the putter has such a shape of the club head that you can make it stand upright. Not all putters let you do that as they arrive in various shapes too.

The S7k Putter does. In fact, the putter head has such a shape and weight balance that it will stand upright in most situations. So, if you want to see the line you will be sending the ball in then you can easily check it by keeping the putter upright behind the ball.

This putter is so well-balanced that it even does a great job in the slight wind and slight slopes. However, you cannot really blame the putter if it falls when you try to keep it upright in impossible conditions.

A Triple Line Guide Path

Something should aid you when you try to see if you are targeting the right line. Apparently, the S7K putter gives you three lines to help you determine the correct path for the ball. So you can get behind the ball and use these three lines to see if you are on the right track.

The lines are very visible thanks to the color combination and will not fade anytime soon.SO, they are quite efficient.

A Strike Dot

One of the most important things in golf is hitting the ball at the right spot. When it comes to the short game, it is even more crucial that you hit the ball just the right way. A slight change in the direction of your swing will make the ball miss the hole.

The S7k tries to solve this difficulty with its strike dot. Apparently, you can focus your swing and direction by focusing on the strike dot and nothing else. If you take the swing right and make the strike dot connect with the right spot of the ball- you will get a ball that at least went in the right direction if not the right distance.

sk7 standing putter

S7K Standing Putter for Men and Women 

  • Best For Both Men & Women
  • Rating 4.3 out of 5, based on 202 Ratings

The Moment of Inertia

The higher the MOI, the greater the forgiveness the ball will offer. What is forgiveness? Just what it sounds like.

You will make many mistakes when playing golf. The forgiveness of the club will make these mistakes go easy on you. You will not mess up as much as you were supposed to or you thought you did. In fact, forgiveness may make you feel like a better player than you actually are.

The MOI of the S7K putter is 7000 g/cm^2. And, this is quite a high MOI so the putter actually offers you quite a lot of forgiveness. You will be winning more games!

The Sweet Spot

The S7K putter comes with a nice big sweet spot that is placed in the center. Apparently, the putter has a really nice balance of weight in its overall body. Thus, the sweet spot is very helpful and the weight distribution in it makes the putter and golf go easy on you.

The Build of the Putter

This is the only part of the putter that you may not like a lot. Apparently, the putter has a build that is very strongly attached but maybe not made of the best materials that last. In fact, it has graphite in the shaft.

Now, a graphite shaft has its many benefits and the shaft of this putter does great. The other parts are what may worry about you.

Apparently, the putter is not a good option for those who play in the rain. Because it gets rust very easily and fast. Other than that, the material in the handle feels very cheap like foam. It does not last very long either.

S7K Putter Reviews: Pros and Cons


  • It stands in quite a stable way in most situations.
  • The three lines in its design make it convenient for the golfer to align the ball right.
  • The Strike dot helps to create a great impact and sound.
  • You will like the lightweight feel of the putter.
  • It has the parts strongly attached.
  • It offers a lot of forgiveness to the player with its high MOI.
  • The sweet spot helps to make you score better.
  • Quite a reasonable price.


  • The quality of the build of the putter is not that great.
  • It can rust very fast after a soak in the rain or a stay in a place full of moisture.
  • The handle is comfortable but feels very cheap like foam.

S7K Putter Reviews: Frequently Asked Questions

Is this putter the same for men and women?

Yes. Apparently, it comes in only one length which is 34.50 inches.

Can you make changes to the grip?

If it is hampering your comfort a lot, yes you can regrip your putter. However, the regripping will hamper the weight distribution of the putter. This will lead to the putter losing its ability to stand upright.

Let’s See a Video Review about S7K

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In conclusion

When you look at this putter, you will really like what you see. But, whether you should buy it or not depends on how you feel when you play using the putter. It does a great job of guiding you.

In fact, it sure will improve your accuracy of putts. But, it is available in only one length. So, you have to check if the length is right for you.

The MOI and sweet spot are generous. When it comes to quality, there is a bit of hiccup. If you play in a dry environment then this putter may not be such a bad idea. However, the grip of the putter is not very comfortable either.

For the price, it does offer good value- cannot deny that. So, if you think you can live with the drawbacks this putter comes with then go ahead and purchase it.  

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