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While golf may look boring and easy, it is actually one of the most difficult games there is. It does not require all your stamina but it does require all your focus and body coordination. The wrong swing will send the golf ball flying to places you are too embarrassed to talk about. However, it is not only your skills that matter but the club you use as well. For that, this article will go in-depth on Taylormade m3 driver review with pros and cons.

When it is about any sport that requires equipment- the equipment plays a huge role. So, a golf club plays a huge role in this case as well. You have to find one that helps you hit better and makes your golf ball go where you want it too. When you cannot perfect your own shot, you need the aid of your golf club to do it.  

Taylormade is quite a well-known name in the golfing world and most golfers love and trust it. It introduced the M3 driver in 2008 and this driver has surely turned faces towards it. Not only does it looker grander, but it also has a new design as well. It now has a design that makes golfing a better experience for golfers because the club makes them score better.

But, not all drivers are suited for everyone and every style of swing. When you are out there to buy one- you have to be very careful. You have to check its compatibility with you and how you play. Therefore, this Taylormade M3 Driver review will help you make one of the most important golfing decisions.

taylormade m3 driver review

Rating 4.6 out of 5
Based on 43 Ratings

Product Specification

Hand OrientationRight
Shaft MaterialMCA White Graphite (70 Grams)
Loft10.5 & 9.5 Degrees
Product Rating 4.6 out of 5
Shipping Weight 1.4 pounds
Product Dimensions 48 x 6 x 6 inches
Item Model Number B1242809
Level of Recommendation Highly recommended

Taylormade M3 Driver Review: The Key Features

Let us check out what makes the Taylormade M3 Driver so different and also similar.

The Twist Face design

The first thing that will come up the moment you ask or talk about the Taylormade M3 driver is the twist face. Apparently, it’s a new design of the clubface considering the problems most golfers face when they are taking a shot. In golf, you have to touch the ball to the right location of the clubface to make it go where you want it to go. With a driver, you want the ball to be on the fairway.

What most people do is either hit too low or too high. In golf club terms, these are low on the toe and too high on the heel. Whereas you are supposed to hit at the center. Now, in order to deal with this slight problem- Taylormade considered how human golfers hit, instead of robots and twisted the face a bit.

It designed the clubface in a way that the lower toe does not let the ball go too right while the upper heel does not let the ball go too left. And there is it, a bigger center.

The golf club itself will be so forgiving of your actions that the ball you hit will almost always go straighter than you expected it to. And, as you already know, precision is important in golf and the twist face design helps you with going the right direction.

The Hammerhead Slot

Golf is such a difficult game that it is not enough to only have the direction- you have to get the speed and spin right as well. And, speed and spin depending on the distribution of the weight within the golf club. Taylormade takes good care of this issue as well.

In fact, it introduces the concept of a longer hammerhead slot by dividing the speed pocket into zones. Apparently, this division increases the flexibility of the center. As a result, the ball gains more speed and also less spin.

Furthermore, this divided speed slot feature also helps the club be more stable when it comes to direction, speed, and spin.


The Weight Adjustability

As you already know, the weight of the golf club plays a huge role in being precise. It is especially important in how you take a swing. Therefore, it would be great if the weight was adjustable and distributed perfectly to your needs.

Luckily, this Taylormade M3 driver has an adjustable weight. It has two pieces below it weighing 11 grams each. You can move these pieces into different positions to distribute the weight as per your need. In fact, what you will find it difficult in this case is finding the perfect setting for yourself.

Once you do, you will just be unstoppable. But, the ability to adjust the weight itself is quite great and unique. Taylormade really does care about your game.

The Composite Crown

Unlike many other clubs and Taylormade drivers, this M3 driver has a crown made from five layers of carbon fiber. Apparently, this build makes the club head durable, strong, thin and also light. As you know, when you are playing 18 holes, you need the golf club to go easy on you. And, this Taylormade M3 driver finds numerous ways to go easy on you, including the weight.

Apart from that, it also uses matte silver instead of white in the build. And, this makes the club look even more gorgeous. It is engineered quite well with a 12 loft sleeve, +/- 2 degrees.

As for the whole club, there were complaints about it breaking after a few uses- but the complaints were quite rare.

The Various Options

Despite offering you a lot of flexibility, this golf driver also brings to you many options. You can choose among the loft sizes of- 8.5, 9.5, 10.5, and 12 degrees. In fact, you can also choose the flex from regular, stiff, x-stiff and senior. Other than that, you can also choose the weight of the shaft material from three options.

The Pros and Cons of Taylormade M3 Driver


  • A very cleverly designed golf driver with a twisted face.
  • It offers more precision in shots and also a lot of forgiveness.
  • It helps you hit straight no matter what kind of swing you use.
  • Quite a number of adjustable features help you customize the club according to your needs.
  • A very well-built golf club with the best materials.
  • The material makes it thin, strong and light.
  • It creates a better, solid and satisfying sound.
  • It increases ball speed and decreases spin.
  • Improves the game of most golfers.
  • Quite a good price for the kind of driver.


  • In a few cases, it broke.

Taylormade M3 Driver Review: Video Review

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Taylormade M3 Driver Review: Frequently Asked Questions

What does it arrive with?

It comes with an adjustment tool and a headcover for its twist face head.

Can you register on the Taylormade website using the number on this driver?

Yes, you can. It is an authentic Taylormade product with its own number.

In conclusion

The Taylormade M3 driver with its new design and better build surely makes scoring better easier for you in golf. Furthermore, it’s various adjustable features help you get the perfect driver for yourself. But, it is not cheap by any means. You can call it reasonable for the engineering, quality and brand name.

Therefore, when you are buying it, you have to be careful. It does come with a short warranty and a short return policy. But, to save yourself from the hassle, it is best if you check it thrice before ordering it. Try testing a friend’s M3 driver to see if it is alright for you.

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