What do you Wear to a Golf Simulator?

A person playing golf with golf course.

The person who wants to play golf an indoor simulator must keep in mind that he is not to appear at the turf wearing a sleeping suit and flip flops (see my article: How do you Putt on a Golf Simulator?). No, this simply will not do. While for the man or woman who has a golf simulator in his or her basement, the rules can be relaxed, for those going to a club or formal venue a proper uniform is a necessity.  An indoor golf club may even have rules and regulations that you need to follow. A dress code may be a part of this unspoken, implicit, and tacit understanding. Like I said, while golf attire is not required at home, in a club the fundamental laws are different. You have to not only take care of the fact you are comfortable in your dress and shoes but also see to it that they are presentable.  

The Shirts & Pants to Wear to an Indoor Golf Simulator

What do you Wear to a Golf Simulator?

Well, to begin with, a Polo shirt would be ideal. Also, T-shirts with open necklines and collars are fine. Then come sports jerseys and hoodies, especially in winter. For the females, blouses would be suitable. Proper golf attire while being modest and natural is also casual and comfortable.

Then with regard to the lower half of the human body, Capri pants, tracksuit pajamas, khakis, chinos and even blue jeans (provided they are not too tight) will do. The fair sex may wear skirts and leggings if they prefer to. But once again, the skirts must not be skintight ones. 

It should be Attire you can Relax In

A person shopping a golf shirt for playing golf.

The main watchword is comfort. You have to have space enough in your dress to allow for ample movement. The legs should be able to bend and twist. The arms and shoulders too must swing in relative comfort and be able to practice hitting golf balls with dexterity and agility.

A golfer needs to be able to make a golf swing in a clean manner. This is only possible if his clothes are airy and do not make him sweaty or get in the way of his actions. While at the golf course, one would recommend formality and normality, at an indoor simulator such complexity is best avoided and simplicity of dress is the norm. 

The Clothes should be Realistic and Not Fashionable

a person checking a golf shirt.

The rule is to almost always wear any casual clothes. Consider this. You must be able to play a round of golf which is simulated with ease and equanimity. While a lot of golf courses stipulate that you wear your golf clothes as they want you to wear them, a simulator is a very relaxed place to frequent.

Your clothes will be a breeze to wear at a simulator. Any casual clothes you want, provided they allow the arm and leg movements when you swing that club and hit the ball onto the screen in front of you, is what the whole deal is about. 

To Wear Golf Shoes or Something Else…

golf shoes placed on the golf park.

Having dealt with the clothes, we now turn to the shoes. Shoes are a must at a golf simulator. While slippers and loafers are not appropriate, golf shoes with traction and grip tread are the best. Also, sports trainers are not a bad idea at all.

For shoes, you need ones with enough grooves on the soles to give you some grip. However, the important thing is that they should not be dirty. You wouldn’t want to mess up your carpet and turf with mud and soil.

Now, you can play golf in the comfort of your own home with the right attire and footwear. There are many brands of shoes that can be found at stores that would be the right choice for a golf simulator. They include world-renowned brands such as Puma, Ecco, Adidas, and the one and only athletic wear that goes by the name of Nike. Sneakers are a real deal too. 

No Spikes but Tennis Shoes are Allowed

A person wearing white golf shoes in ground.

On a side note, metallic spike shoes are not to be worn to an indoor golf simulator. That is because their sharp pointy metal spikes would damage the turf and carpet (take a gander at my essay titled: DIY Golf Simulator Flooring).

Soft spikes are recommended instead. They don’t cause any wear and tear to the golf matrix layer adorning the floor. Also stilettos are a big “NO”. They would cause deep holes in the turf and carpeting. So, care and concern rather than a lax and louche attitude is the main thing here.

Just like clothes that don’t restrict movement are a must, likewise shoes that are comfortable and fully functional are precisely the kind that applies in this context. 

A Last Piece of Advice…

Therefore you have now undergone a thorough course on what clothing and shoes to wear to a golf simulator (peruse my write-up: Basement Golf Simulator Ideas). While the need for a golf simulator comes first, clothing and shoes are a secondary yet vital concern.

You wouldn’t want to make a complete fool of yourself in front of so many others at a simulator club. To be a little presentable is not a crime. It only shows that you know how to take tender loving care (TLC) of yourself. At the minimum, pressed, clean, and sober clothes are the main message.

Unkempt, dirty, and revealing clothes that show creases in them just won’t do. Seriously, I mean, they just don’t look good and don’t behoove a serious and professional golfer. Enjoy the game with good clothing which show the world that you have excellent manners. Need I say more? 

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