What is the 90 degree rule in golf

What is the 90 degree rule in golf

Rules reflect reality. There are those who say that they are for fools. Yet they couldn’t survive a minute without the rules. You can get the golf clubs and balls at the pro shop but unless you are conversant with the rules of the game, you will be confused. In this brief article, we will be covering what is 90-Degree Rule in Golf with its importance and Etiquette 

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How to Drive the Golf Cart in the Presence of the Right Angle Rule?

In golf, there is such a thing as the 90-degree rule. The essence of this proviso is that the golf cart must be at a 90-degree angle to the turf while on the cart path. While the cart is indeed a necessity on the fairway, the angle in relation to the golf course ought to always be a perfect 90-degree one.

Why & Wherefore of the 90-Degree Rule

It is recommended for every golfer to get this basic fact right. Before he has the tee to himself he must observe this matter of proper etiquette. The 90-degree angle rule has two reasons. The first one is so that a stray golf ball does not hit anybody thereby leading to any injury of any sort. The second purpose would be to keep the turf grass free of damage.

Right Angle Rule of golf

The golf cart may be seen by some as a modern-day nuisance. Before automobiles came on the scene there was no such amenity. People had to carry the burdensome golf clubs and balls with them all over the links. With the arrival of technology, cart rules emerged. Like the Internet generated Netiquette over the course of time, golf as a game also exuded the 90-degree angle rule for the safety and protection of the fairway grass and every golfer. 

What is the Significance of the 90 Degree Rule for Golf Players?

Golf cart etiquette matters immensely to the players who partake in the game. As the saying goes: “These are the rules”. Furthermore, especially due to inclement weather, sometimes the carts need to be guided in a certain manner to avoid damage to the putting green or any golfer who gets in the way. The 90 degree rule must actually be followed to the letter and if the golfer has to approach the tee he must do so by driving the cart at a 90-degree angle to the destination. 

The 90-Degree Angle Rule and Middle Ground

Golf Cart Rules & Etiquette

There are extremists who follow either end of the spectrum. Some don’t allow golf carts at all which is a drag. Others allow them but they naturally incur damage to the turf grass by ignoring the rules. The ninety-degree rule follows the golden mean and it provides a middle ground between these two extremities. It surely benefits both the golfer and the game conditions by using some good old common sense.

What is the Importance of the Rule for Total Turf Upkeep?

There are people playing the game. They form a very sensitive part of the golf course. Then there is the green turf course maintenance staff. They have every right to enforce this right angle rule for the sheer sake of proper etiquette. It may take patience to follow but like traffic signals, it is for everyone’s benefit.

While not everyone follows this 90-degree angle rule by the book, even where it doesn’t apply, many players apply it for the good of the group. Many golf clubs ensure that when the greens fees are paid by each member, these cart rules are firmly laid out before him or her. A lot of time and money are saved by implementing the laws of the game. By now this has become an official rule on a worldwide level.

90-Degree is One Cool Rule!

Significance of the 90 Degree Rule

Golf carts ought to give a wide margin and space to the tee box. Also, they should keep a standard distance from the greens. There are sub-regulations within this safety clause one of which is that the rule changes from hole to hole depending upon the circumstances. The designated cart path remains a constant and that needs no further explanation. Even for the convenience of golf carts, this notification ought to be enough.

There is the problem of staying away from bunkers. Yet a better method would be for the golf course authorities to reduce the number of bunkers thereby reducing any chance of damage over the years. A golf course marshal is a must nowadays since this gentleman’s job is to see to it that everything is smooth sailing. He is also termed as a ranger. The right angle rule simply serves too many functions to be discarded in the dustbin of golf history.

Other Important Golf Cart Rules & Etiquette

Let’s get some things straight right off the bat. They include:

  • Don’t make a beeline for the tee boxes or the greens for that matter.
  • Keep the bunkers barren as far as golf carts are concerned.
  • Never ride your cart in a reckless manner since injury and even death is a possibility.
  • Wait your turn instead of rushing into other groups of players.

The rules of golf demand a certain living up to. This is because everything is related to everything else. Without the rules and etiquette, there would be rude distraction after rude distraction. Passenger golf carts are an invasive technology that can evoke brief panic in a golfer who is at the receiving end of them. As for the sharp turns or sudden stops while driving, well, the less said the better. 

Now for Some FAQs

What is the story behind golf swinging at a 90-degree angle?

It has to do with minding the spaces in golf and while it requires going out of the way to ensure precaution, it is standard procedure in the game.

How would any golfer know that he is putting in accordance with the 90-degree rule?

The cart ought to remain on its designated path and the golfer is confined to his area. This allows flow and the right interaction on the links.

What if I am a leftie instead of the rest of the right-handed golfers? What should I do then?

Being left-handed has its advantages and disadvantages. You can experiment and let nature take its course. As you mature, things will settle down as far as your basic technique is concerned.
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Final Words

So those were some of the ins and outs of the 90-degree rule. This may be taken as a crash course in the rule that makes golf possible. Keep it in mind and start putting on your first tee. You will burn enough calories to keep slim and trim. Also, the process of honing your skills to a razor blade will increase hand-eye coordination. It will bring laser-like focus to your mind and prove highly satisfying for your soul.  

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