Why are Golf Simulators so Expensive?

Why are Golf Simulators so Expensive?

The Reason behind the Treason

The golf simulator industry is a relatively novel and limited tech sector that manufactures and sells some of the most complicated pieces of electronic machines on earth. Basically, the Covid-19 Pandemic was a time when social distancing and quarantine meant that many an avid golf lover had to undergo some degree of cabin fever and stay away from the links he used to frequent so regularly. 

So like the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention. The worldwide crisis in health led to mankind’s ingenuity and so golf simulators flooded the market. These were fancy pieces of equipment that on an essential level copied reality and lent a VR experience to golfers whether they were amateur or professional. You can get essential details here to know How do you Putt on a Golf Simulator?

The only issue that kept cropping up and that I myself faced (as a golf fan and player) was the steep rates of these golf simulators. They left a middle class person like me looking like a pauper. So, here’s what I did. I built a simulator from scratch. But beware, since this is not necessarily the easy route to take. However, you can take help from my experience to build a Golf Hitting Platform, DIY Golf Simulator Flooring, DIY Golf Simulator Impact Screen.

No. On the contrary, it involves backbreaking stress and a whole lot of calculations and extra hard work. I had to get the materials, be they hardware or software, from ten thousand different venues. And it took me a couple of years and repeated efforts to complete my golf simulator which still exists in the basement of my residence. You can take a look at the Basement Golf Simulator Ideas that I tried myself.

If you, the reader, love golf and want to own a simulator, then be prepared to part with a wad of dollar bills. These things don’t come cheap and literally leave you with no clothes on and a beer barrel around your waist. But why is this so, you might ask. Let’s go deeper into the reasons for the expenses which go sky high. 

Latest Technology

One of the obvious reasons is the usage of the latest, most advanced, high tech gizmos and gadgets which go on to form the core makeup of these simulators. The very building blocks consist of lasers and sensors and a projector. Also complex algorithms in the data processing devices attached to the simulator provide accurate and precise information regarding each shot made. It is a feat of engineering and just a few years back and such complicated electronic contraptions would have been undreamt of in the real world. 

Space Planning

The room, garage or basement which you aim to keep the golf simulator in is going to need a lot of refurnishing. Peruse my experience to know How much Space do you need for a Golf Simulator? You can’t just put the equipment in it and start playing from the get go. No way. In fact, you will need the help of a design engineer to set the room in such a manner that the golf simulator along with its many odds and ends fits it hand in glove. This is not an easy task and needs planning and blueprints in the beginning which have to be followed through in the end. 

A Million Devices that Meet Up to Make your Experience

The golf simulator consists of, among other things, the following pieces of equipment: 

  • A Launch Monitor & Projector (these combined cost approximately $11,000)
  • A Putting Turf & Impact Screen (the two come for $1000)
  • A Laptop Computer (this baby will have you shelling out $1000 like the previous item)
  • Surrounding Stall & Safety Net (at maximum you will have to fork out $1000 for this)
  • Sophisticated Software (that will be another grand)

There’s More than Meets the Eye Here

However, that is not where it ends. The list of costly items keeps going on and on. Take a look at these other paraphernalia:

  • Video Cameras to Record each Movement of the Ball
  • Augmenting Alternatives for the Training Effect
  • Electricity Provision for a Well-Lit Area worthy of Playing Golf
  • Air Conditioners in Summer & Heaters in Winter
  • Acoustic Surround Sound System that Makes it All Feel So Cool
  • Sofas & Settees for Any Fellow Golfers & Guests who Might be Present on the Occasion 
  • A Refrigerator for Cold Drinks & Tasty Snacks
  • Aesthetic Agents such as a Large Poster of Tiger Woods or Golf Memorabilia 

Other Advantages that Cost Extra Cash 

There are many other reasons to consider when it comes to why simulators dig deep into the pockets of customers. For one thing, they are the perfect substitute for the real experience on the golf links. You can take your game up by several notches and improve your putting with these devices. However, you need to practice regularly to make it to the level of a professional (see the write-up: Does a Golf Simulator Improve your Game?) 

You can furthermore play on some of the most exclusive and elite golf courses in the world. These include among them Pebble Beach which is the gold standard of golf green courses. While personally playing on one of these courses in the real world would cost you several thousand dollars on a weekly basis, if you were to buy a simulator, you can play every day for the next decade or so and not have to pay a single penny more than the initial price. 

The best simulators to buy would probably be out of your financial reach since they go all the way up to $70,000 and beyond. However, on average, a simulator costs between a few thousand grand for the cheapest variety up to $20,000 for a standard version. This is just within the grasp of the middle class individual provided he saves some money whether in increments or in the form of a nest egg. 

A Few Considerations to Take into Account before We Bid you Adieu!

Remember, dear reader, a golf simulator is a superbly fine-tuned, state-of-the-art technological marvel. Once you own one, you will probably get over the initial cost since it will be like having a sports haven right in your very own living room. You can go ahead and make shot after shot without any worry about your golf ball breaking any decoration pieces thanks to the safety net enclosure. 

You can even begin your very own club and charge members to pay a nominal fee for entry and playing the good game (take a gander at my written work titled: Indoor Golf Simulator Business). It all depends upon how you go about investing your money and planning the business.

However, if you are a rich man, by all means buy a solid, expensive simulator and play away for pure amusement or sheer practice as it suits your taste. Like the saying goes, money makes the mare go. Money indeed changes everything and if you really have some cold hard cash and a whole lot of passion for putting, why not buy yourself a super-costly golf simulator worth its salt since this will be the best bargain possible for a successful man like you.

How’s that! 

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