Callaway Chrome Soft Review(2023 UPDATED)

callaway chrome soft review

That sound when your swing is perfect, your target is perfect, and you hit right with the sweet spot of the club- priceless and delightful. Even when your ball does not go where you want it to, that sound is enough to soothe your pain. In this Callaway Chrome Soft Review, we will discuss the pros and cons of this model.

However, it is not only your swing or the club responsible for creating that sound. The golf ball itself is equally responsible for it.

Try the same with a used, bad golf ball- you will never hear the same click, that satisfying sound. Because the golf ball is not made for it. Therefore, just like your club, the golf ball you use to play golf is very important.

You need to buy one that will go the right distance with the right speed and spin. Furthermore, you want one that is compatible with your own swing speed. Also, the ball should be able to take the rough beating of a club.

Callaway has been in the golf equipment-making business for quite a long time and golfers seriously do trust this brand and its clever designs. Starting from clubs to balls to hand gloves- everything they make is perfect and of high quality.

Among the balls they produce, the Callaway Chrome Soft Ball has gained a lot of names. But, is it the ball for you? Let’s find out through this Callaway Chrome Soft review.

callaway chrome soft review

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Callaway Chrome Soft Review: The Key Features

So, what makes the Callaway Chrome soft balls so special? Why should you get it? The answer is in its features so let’s check them out.

A dual soft core

If you ask me, I love humans who have a soft core. They are kind in their own way. And, people love this ball usually for its soft core. The inner core is actually of two layers and it is soft and light.

But, why should the core be soft? Because it lightens the whole ball up and also provides a great stable feel. When the ball is flying, you want it to go quite a distance. The soft core helps with that.

Furthermore, some golfers have a slow swing speed while others have a moderate or fast swing speed. The soft core of this Chrome soft golf ball is one that suits all kinds of golfers- with any swing speed.

Thus, it is a great choice for beginners and people with high and middle handicaps who do not properly know their own style of playing.

Four Layers of Greatness

The ball does not come with two or three layers but four whole layers of itself. You already know about the two inner soft layers. Then, a thin mantle layer is there around the two soft layers. Finally, you see the outer urethane layer.

Apparently, this ultra-soft urethane cover makes all the difference. You have seen what a hardball does on a hard floor, right? It bounces a lot but without a good sense of direction. The softness of the chrome soft ball combined with the required hardness provides you with both distance, strength and a stable direction.

You get a good grip over how the ball will act when you hit it.

Hexagonal Dimples

If there is another feature that helps you get better control over the ball then it is the dimples. Not only do they help you with directing the ball but they also help the ball to land where it should in short games.  

In fact, the dimples provide the ball with the resistance they need in the air and on the ground. As you can guess, while the soft core helps the ball with distance and speed, the outer layer with its dimples help the ball gain stability and grip.

The inner core helps with long games and the outer core with the short game. So, when you chip the ball from the corner of the green closer to the hole, the ball will not roll too far away from the hole. The dimples on it will make it stay on the green, close to the hole, making it all easier for you.

Truvis pattern

Truvis-Technology of callaway golf balls

How often have you lost a golf ball? If you are a beginner then you have lost it quite a lot of times. In fact, you will find it most of the time as golf courses although they are filled with balls but one place at a time, four players at a time. So, it is easy to find yours out.

But, when it reaches the hazards- it’s not as easy anymore. This is where the color of the ball plays an important role. The Callaway Chrome Soft ball does not only offer you itself in different colors but comes with a Truvis pattern as well.

It looks like mini soccer balls to be exact. You get to choose from white, white/red, yellow, yellow/black colors and patterns.

So that is basically all a ball can do for you- provide you with speed, grip, control, and some style. Well, there is another thing.


Have you ever accidentally slightly been hit with a golf club? How much does it hurt? Well, it hurts the golf balls a lot but they have to be able to take the beating. That is why you have to make sure that the golf balls are strong and durable enough.

The balls should last a while without breaking. And, you can trust Callaway on this.

Pros & Cons of Callaway Chrome Soft Ball


  • The soft core makes the ball lightweight.
  • It goes quite a long distance when it is at it.
  • The hard core gives it stability and flight.
  • The dimples make it deal with the air well and controls its movement.
  • It has a good grip.
  • Quite a durable ball as it is made by Callaway itself.
  • The colors are attractive and noticeable.
  • The patterns make it stand out among other golf balls.
  • Lasts a while.


  • A bit expensive.
  • The paint will fade.

Callaway Chrome Soft Video Review

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Callaway Chrome Soft Review: Frequently Asked Questions

Is this suitable for fast swings?

This ball is apparently suitable for any kind of swing. In fact, fast swings are better for it rather than the slower swings.

What is the compression on this ball?

The compression is around 55.

How many balls are there in a packet?

You will get a dozen balls in one packet.

In Conclusion

You may not consider golf balls to make that much of a difference in your game. However, these little devils actually make a hell of a difference in your game. You only get it when you play with a different ball- which may be better or worse.

The build and quality of the ball will affect the speed at which it travels and also the spin. You will find balls behaving differently as you play with different ones. There it is- the difference. You need to find the right golf ball for your style of swing and play. For this, you may go through this article of 12 best golf ball for seniors which can help you to choose the right ball.

Apart from that, you will find different balls that are built to make different tasks easier. For example, if you have a hard time in bunkers then you may find balls that are easier to deal with there.

For now, although expensive, Callaway Chrome Soft Balls are quite a valuable set of balls. They make a lot of things easier for you.

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